FSM Microcurrent is changing the definition of the word permanent when related to nerves and neuropathies.This video is the personal recovery story of a patient in our clinic treated with FSM Microcurrent Therapy for Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. Ramsay Hunt syndrome is peripheral facial nerve palsy or paralysis that also can be diagnosed by an erythematous or red rash on the ear (zoster oticus) or in the mouth. J Ramsay Hunt is the Doctor who studied and wrote about different clinical presentations of facial paralysis and rash. Dr Hunt also noticed other frequent symptoms and signs like ringing of the ears or tinnitus, hearing loss, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, and rapid jumpy movements of the eyes called nystagmus. It is now known that the cold sore virus aka varicella zoster virus (VZV) causes Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Compared with Bell’s palsy (Which is the facial paralysis without rash), those with Ramsay Hunt syndrome more often have severe paralysis at onset and have a poor prognosis with a greater likelihood of permanent nerve damage.
On a followup visit after 4 weeks the ENT specialist who initially saw this woman was amazed at her improvements and so much so that he even made a comment that he must have misdiagnosed her initially with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Of course the ENT doc said this because he has never seen a patient improve like this before. I am certaiin he made the correct diagnosis and I contacted him to let him know that although he was surprised at such results…I was not surprised and have come to expect results like this when we can start treatment early in the condition.
If you have a neuropathy or nerve condition I encourage you to seek out a practitioner who uses FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent in their treatment of the supposed untreatable.

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Migraine Miracle without Drugs

This young hairstylist presented with the symptoms of recurring migraine headaches. There are at least 2 occupational hazards for those working in the beauty and hair professions. One hazard is biomechanical stress due to standing long hours and having the arms and hands raised up to do the styling of hair. This creates stress on the spine from the neck to mid and lower back and also fatigues the muscles. The second hazard for hairstylists is the exposure to chemicals that are toxins. This increased toxic load stresses the liver and the lungs. In functional medicine we look to the liver when a patient is having migraine headaches as we know there is a connection between liver function and migraine headaches.

For this young lady her remarkable recovery is due to the chiropractic spinal adjustments of her neck and back which is a factor in the cause of migraine headaches along with liver function. You can see and hear her own words describing her recovery without drugs by clicking this link. We also coached her through a nutritional detoificaiton program using a functional medical food, HealthE-Clear Plus with its companion HealthE-Clear Capsules, which both support the liver detoxification process. This program also is an elimination diet which means we take out the most common food allergens which are dairy, eggs and wheat/gluten.

FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Acupuncture were also used as Energy Medicine modalities. Both of these therapies were used to support and balance the brain, nerves, muscles and liver. You can read more about these effective energy medicine tools by clicking on the links above.

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Recently there was a young mother who could not play outside with her 2 young children in the cold winter weather without her hands and fingers turning blue and cold the skin literally cracking open. She had previously been diagnosed with Raynaud’s Disease. In her case as in the two people mentioned below, I tested her for an allergic reaction to cold by using an ice pack. I had her hold the ice pack and then test her quadriceps muscle in the thigh to see if the ice made a change in her muscles strength. To her surprise, while holding the ice in her hands the previously strong quadriceps thigh muscle became quite weak. It was obvious to her and to myself that her body did not like the cold in her hand and reacted negatively. I explained to her that her body had made the decision that cold temperatures were her enemy and the body mounted an allergic inflammatory response when exposed to cold much as a person with a cat allergy responds negatively via their immune system.
I explained that this is a learned response by the body and that we could help change this. I then proceeded to desensitive her to the cold reaction by having her hold the ice pack while I treated specific acupuncture points by tapping them while she touched the ice and also the neurolymphatic reflex points for the small intestines. After treatment I had her again hold the ice while I tested the quadriceps muscle and to her amazement the cold no longer weakened her muscle. She had to leave for Christmas vacation and upon her return to my office she had the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face. Her first words were, “This is like a miracle. Since you treated me for the cold allergy my hands have been fine. The cracks in the skin are gone and my hands don’t turn blue and freezing in the outside winter temps.” I have included a video of her remarks on this visit for your viewing.http://youtu.be/8b63OGFOQ9c
LK is a young woman who had chronic headaches and these were triggered exposure to cold weather. She also seemed to catch every virus and bacterial infection that was currently in fashion in the winter months. She had seen multiple doctors and had many blood tests and CT Scans and MRI tests with no answers. After treating her for the allergy to cold she now can be well thru the Illinois winters and the headaches are gone.
I also recall the patient, a real estate broker, who also would get headaches when exposed to cold temperatures. He also experienced weakness fatigue and GI distress during the winter months here in Illinois. He also now has made friends with the cold temperatures of winter here in northern Illinois after the cold allergy treatments.
There is also history of success treating other patients with other allergies such as reactions to diesel fumes, dog and cat allergies etc. I am sharing this with you so you are aware there are other avenues to consider and to treat when it comes to chronic symptoms especially those triggered by cold winter type weather.

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Can you picture yourself being extremely thirsty? Craving the rush of water into your mouth so mightily as if you were in Death Valley in the heat of the day without any water to drink. So parched that you would reach into the effluent of the sewage treatment plant or your septic system and squeeze the water from the goo/poo and pour it past your lips into your mouth?
I hope these thoughts just grossed you out and most probably did. Yet you are doing just this on a daily basis when you do not drink enough water. Our intestine of course is the sewage treatment plant in this analogy. We are in the desert when we do not purposely, consciously choose to drink water through the day. In fact we need to drink from our canteen or filtered bottle of Ice Mountain, Fuji, Aquafina, name your favorite or even tap water in a pinch. So what is a body like yours and mine to do when we deprive it of life giving water and in effect place it in the Sahara desert. Our body in the wisdom of its survival mode will go to where water is and right here I am picturing those water holes in Africa where all the animals come to in the drought season. They come and roll around in the mud hole of water and I imagine the elephants pooping and peeing there and then you finding this oasis with your parched body. Will you edge closer and closer to the stinky foul smelling water as you are on the look out for lions, tigers and bears and realize this is not the land of OZ and you are not in Kansas Dorothy.
This scenario you and I have seen on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic since we were kids has always intrigued me as to what would I do in that situation. By withholding the proper amount of water to our body on a daily basis we are placing ourselves in this very situation. The African watering hole/sewage treatment plant depending on your imagination and preference is our large intestine. There is water in the muck, yuck and poo and our body will go there to drink when we do not pour the water into our mouth throughout the day, Yes if you are not hydrating with clean pure water to the tune of half of your body weight in ounces per day…you are forcing your body to scavenge and squeeze water out of your poo in the colon.
Stealing the water from the intestine then leads to constipation and may even alternate with loose stools at times when we do drink more water as our body rushes to fill the watering hole of our sewage treatment dumpster. For those of us who do experience constipation or painful bowel movements due to hard stools we want to give our body a rainy season day every day by pouring that water past our lips throughout the day. Also we want to move our body throughout the day. We were made for movement as is most of nature. Movement is natural and you and I must Move and Move More Often. Drinking water will make our bowels less sluggish as well as giving us more energy. Ever notice how those animals in Africa are more slothful when there is no water available. The lions lay down with the lambs all day as they are too drained and fatigued to do anything. Remember we can survive longer without food than we can without water and yet we do the opposite more ofter. We give ourselves more food each day that we will burn and this adds pounds to our body as well as lead to a tired feeling as the majority of our blood is diverted to the intestines while our brains and muscles are deprived. At the same time we ingest more food than we need we drink less water than we need and then we feel less motivated to Move and Move More Often.
So unless you want your body to slack its thirst by going to the wild animal African mudhole of your intestines today…Drink Water and Drink More Often as you Move and Move More Often. This leads to the most beautiful Oasis you can conjure up in your body’s ecology and it becomes a Healthy Balanced Rain Forest rather than a parched desert in the non rainy season.

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Nattokinase in my opinion and experience is safer and more effective than drugs such as Coumadin for promoting healthy circulation. This was made evident for me once more this week when one of my patients who suffered a stroke last year remarked,”Since taking the Nattokinase you recommended, I have felt better than I have ever felt since having my stroke.” In fact this patient we will call Sam Stroker went on to tell me that he had requested that his neurologist place him on light duty for return to work. He now feels he is ready to go back to work for the first time in over a year since suffering a stroke due to inadequate circulation to the brain. It was his temporal artery and thank God for quick action and surgery done at Loyola by an excellent neurosurgeon that Sam did not suffer any permanent paralysis or speech impediments. He was left though with a feeling of being just not right and not enough circulation to the brain. He had a procedure to do a graft of an artery from his leg to the brain and the blood flow had just not returned to normal.
I learned about Nattokinase at a National Conference on heart and blood vessel disease a few years ago. The Doctor who opened my eyes to nattokinase was in charge of the floor at a hospital in Colorado, which dealt with post stroke patients. He had been having excellent success in treating stroke patients with nattokinase with no adverse effects. His experience led him to believe that nattokinase improves the dynamics of the blood flow in the arteries, which yields increased circulation. He taught me that it also decreases blood clots but not by thinning the blood. Instead the nattokinase changes the hydraulics of the blood flow and therefore prevents eddy type currents in the rivers of our circulation. These eddy type currents cause stagnation of the blood flow. Once when my wife Cheryl and I lived in Idaho we were trapped in an eddy on the Snake River while rafting. With the canyon walls surrounding us and the primitive area we were trapped in we felt like we were going to circle around until we clotted up and died. Thankfully we grabbed a couple of branches from the river and with 2 more of us paddling we escaped and did not become skeletons on a raft on the Snake River. The nattokinase helps keep these dangerous eddy currents from forming in our bloodstream without resorting to preventing our blood from clotting like Coumadin and Plavix does.
Whenever I see bruising on the arms and hands of one of my patients who is taking the Rx blood thinners I am concerned. If I see bruising which is due to bleeding from the drugs, I ask myself and the patient this question…”If you and I see evidence of bleeding on your skin, do you think that is the only place in the body that you are having excessive bleeding? If we see bruising bleeding on the outside then it is also bleeding and bruising in your organs and muscles and intestines and most likely your nerves and brain also.” I do not believe this is an acceptable side effect of taking blood thinners and yet if you start observing you will see it in people around you at work, school or your family every day. I would much rather use an alternative like Nattokinase and even fish oil which has a beneficial effect and is required by our bodies while Warfarin/Coumadin/Decon rat poison is not a beneficial or required nutrient by humans.

A postscript here is that FSM microcurrent is also very beneficial to recieve after a stroke. We have treated many post stroke patients in our clinic safely with FSM Microcurrent and it has helped them recover optimally.

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What about health promotion and preventative medicine? Acupuncture is a front runner here also. We recommend to our patients that they schedule a Seasonal Acupuncture Treatment 4 times a year. Since we do not live at or near the equator, we experience quite a change in the weather from season to season with Jack Frost getting too much of the action in my opinion. As the earth moves on its axis away from the sun in the fall, the days get shorter and cooler. At the same time the electromagnetic field (EMF) that surrounds us slows down also…going from 8 pulses per second in the summer to 5.5 pulses per second in the fall. In the northern latitudes of Illinois we move even further from the sun in the winter and the days get really short and really cold as the electromagnetic field surrounding us diminishes to a measly 2.5 pulses per second. In the spring this pulse increases to 5.5 Hertz as new life springs forth with blossoms, leaves and baby birds and animals are born. This change in the EMF each season is an energy stress on our bodies. It is as if the body has to change the internal thermostats and then winterize to summerize our chemistry, hormones, blood flow etc. We already have more than enough stress physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and electromagnetically without this additional stress of the seasonal change. Have you ever wondered why we get colds and flu in the fall and winter? This energy stress/imbalance is one of the major factors along with decreased levels of Vitamin D from lack of sunshine in the fall and winter. Why do allergies flare seasonally and why do your muscle and joints ache more in the fall and winter? I think by now you know the answer. Hence you, me, all of us benefit from the healing and balancing effects of a seasonal acupuncture treatment 4 times a year.

So maybe you want to have that first child which seems impossible…think acupuncture. Maybe you want to feel more energy…think acupuncture. Perhaps a day without pain seems impossible…think acupuncture.
Oh yes, summer just started and both Dr. Watkin and myself are here for your seasonal acupuncture treatment. See you soon…I have already had my summer session.

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Nature is always in the present moment. I have noticed that when I am outdoors walking in the forest preserve, lying on a beach or in the yard or on vacation in the Rocky mountains…it seems God hangs out there as His favorite place to be. After watching the Dancing of the Swans on Easter morning I finally realized why being outdoors in nature is always so relaxing and renewing. The Swans and all God’s creatures are not sad or angry about something that happened last week or years ago and they are not worried or anxious about tomorrow or next week /year. The Swans are living in this Present Moment. They are fully present and fully alive in their Swan bodies. This is why they can be so graceful and dance with such rhythmic freedom. Jesus said to take no thought for tomorrow and He said to not look behind where we have been. When we have pain in our life it is not easy to do this. Whether that pain is physical with aches in our joints or shooting pains from our neck down into our arms or between the shoulder blades…or whether that pain is emotional from our difficult dysfunctional family of origin…or a current relationship with a spouse. I admit it is constantly tempting us to look back where we have plowed and which Jesus told us not to do.

I grew up in rural Indiana and drove tractors for our neighbors who farmed and I can tell you that if you are looking back where you have been while plowing you will end up driving erratically over the field with a mess of overturned earth. We also we advised not to think about the field we are going to plow tomorrow or the next day/month/year as again this takes our focus off of the present moment and we wander all over the field and make a mess of today.

Our Power is only in this present moment. You and I have no power in the past and we are also powerless when our mind goes to the future. Regret and guilt over the past drain our vitality from today. Letting our mind wander into tomorrow and beyond sucks the life and power out of this present moment and in this sense Thinking becomes our most debilitating disease. We have Dis-Ease of Lack of Ease when we go back into the past or jump forward into the future. There is tremendous Power in the Now and in fact I now understand why when asked his name, God replied I AM that I AM! I am is only in the now…not I WAS or I WILL BE but instead I AM! God is the God of the Present and Not the God of the Past or The God of the Future. God lives in the timeless space of the present moment which is Eternity one moment at a time, one moment after another. Try it and I know you will like it. One of the easier ways to begin practicing living in the moment is to spend time in nature and watching nature. Just click on the link here and watch the Swans Dance in the Freedom of Now. I believe this is a tremendous asset to your and my healing and health. So Do It Now and Only in the Now.

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Finally able to lose weight with a HCG Homeopathic plan! We all want to look our best in the summer months when we are wearing shorts and short sleeves. This is when we don’t want to show it…if we have it…and the it being excess body fat.

For the last 6 months we have been helping our patients lose weight safely with a specific plan and program utilizing Homeopathic HCG. HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a natural human hormone that is elevated in pregnanacy and in fact is the hormone measured in the test to determine if a woman is pregnant or not.

If you have been into the clinic in the past 6 months you probably have noticed that I, Dr. Pletcher, have been looking more like Brad Pitt these days. I admit Brad has more hair but I have lost 30 pounds and have been at my goal for 5 months now. The goal I chose the same weight I was as a junior in college and when I married my wife Cheryl and that is 172 pounds. I did this with the HCG program and yes I decided to do this as my own first guinea pig. I am so happy with the results for myself that I began offering it to you…our patients this past winter. We have many happy people now who are pleased to have Won at the Losing Game. You can join this elite and healthy club by calling and scheduling your appointment soon. We will coach you and support you all along  your path to the healthier and happier you.

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The best way I can describe the relationship of the spinal bones/vertebra is your homes electrical system. If you are working at night on the computer or watching TV and suddenly everything goes black…hmmm…you look out the window at the neighbors house and their lights are on so you figure not an electrical outage. Next you look in the living room and the lights are on there so no even the whole house is affected. So your next step is to go the that electrical box in your basement/utility room or sometimes in a closet and your open it up and look at all of those black buttons to see which one is out of alignment. You then click/move/adjust that button back into alignment with the others and then rush back to your computer and…miracle of wonders it is now working again when you turn it back on.
Well you have just read a paraphrased analogy of how the spine and nerves work when we make a chiropractic spinal adjustment. Do you remember how many bones you have in the spine? Don’t feel badly if you don’t as it was not made very important during your school years no matter your major or classes. Here is a hint which will help you forever remember the number of bones in your spine. Do you remember how many letters are in the alphabet A to Z? That’s right it is 26 and that is the same as our spine…26 spinal circuit breakers.
When there is trouble in your body like neck/arm pain or low back leg pain and you bring your body to a Chiropractor, we look for the bone/circuit breaker in yoir spine that is out of alignment. We then click/adjust that vertebra/circuit breaker back into alignment and the nerve now conducts the electrical messages to its specific destination in your body. The nerve could be the first one in your neck which also affects all of the blood vessels in your body and is why it has been proven thru research at the University of Illinois to decrease blood pressure as good or better than 1 or 2 different drugs for blood pressure. That nerve from the first vertebra/circuit breaker also supplies nerve energy to the entire gastrointestinal tract and is why for over a hundred years chiropractors have been helping people with acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and such.
So when you or your child are having a health challenge remember to consider checking the circuit breaker box at your chiropractor’s office.

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Now normally I don’t treat dogs or any other animals for that matter, but this doggie was different as it is the family pet of my son Bryan. This little furry white lapdog named Frankie was in pain and didn’t want to walk or even eat. Frankie could no longer jump up on the couch or get down from it if he was placed there by Brandi, Bryan or my granddaughters Zoie or Hannah. The real animal doctor called a veterinarian diagnosed Frankie with a herniated disc in the lower spine/back. These disc problems are also called bulging discs or slipped discs. The Vet only offered an anti-inflammatory drug which didn’t help at all or surgery or put the little guy to sleep. This is when I get my FSM hat and put it on. We attached the positive leads from the FSM microcurrent machine to a damp towel and wrapped it around the little dog’s lower back and placed the negative leads on the tummy with another damp towel. Using one of our original Blue Box FSM microcurrent machines we selected the frequencies for inflammation on channel A and the frequencies for the spinal discs on channel B. After the first treatment Frankie walked without a limp and no yelping, so we decided this was a positive response. After a few more treatments over the next 2 weeks Frankie could run, jump and play like his former happy doggy self. So the moral of this story is that FSM Microcurrent works whether you believe in it or not and whether or not you understand it or not. Frankie is just one happy dog and thankful that his family knows, believes, understands and uses FSM Microcurrent to help heal doggy discs just like human discs.

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