Morton’s Neuroma Foot Pain & FSM

Recently a 32 years young lady we will call Ellen presented with foot pain here in our Libertyville, IL clinic. The pain was between the 2nd and 3rd toes on the right foot and was much worse after doing her exercise workout on an elliptical machine. After exercise she found herself walking on the outside of her foot due to the extreme burning pain in the ball of her right foot. After examining her foot and squeezing the foot from side to side which increases the pain with a neuroma…the diagnosis of Morton’s neuroma was clear. At this point there was no need for imaging studies like x-rays, CT scans or MRI’s. If there had been an injury to the foot or the condition had been chronic for 6 months or more an x-ray would have been taken to rule out arthritis etc. Some who have this condition will also experience numbness and tingling in the foot and toes while others will have pain which is increased with activities like walking, running, bike riding or the elliptical in this young ladies case.

The best treatment for an unhappy painful nerve between the toes is the application of FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent. The frequency pairs used are those for specific frequencies for inflammation and the frequency for the nerves. A treatment such as this one is usually for 45 to 50 minutes using the 2 positive leads on the lower back or leg and the 2 negative leads on the painful foot with either gel therapy pads or a damp towel clipped to the leads.

In this particular case Ellen thinks that I walk on water because after the second treatment the pain was gone. Now she had this pain for a month and had given up her exercise program which was really frustrating her as she is an avid workout person. Not everyone with Morton’s neuroma will have it resolved in 2 treatments, especially those who have had the condition chronically for 6 months to a year or more. With the chronic case it may take Dr. Watkin or myself 6 to 12 treatments to resolve this kind of nerve pain.

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Interstitial Cystitis aka chronic bladder infection

What’s better than cranberry juice and way better than constant antibiotics for chronic bladder infection or interstitial cystitis? A combo of FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent, acupuncture, D-mannose nutritional supplement and chiropractic spinal adjustments to the pelvis/lower back for the nerves to the bladder is what’s way better.

Yes it is most commonly found in the females of our human species due to their anatomy of a shorter urethra and the absence of a prostate gland. Over the past years I have seen many of these women with this painful and lingering condition. In fact most traditional medical doctors consider this a chronic condition that needs constant antibiotics for the rest of the persons life. Of course we know the pitfalls and downside of antibiotic overuse including antibiotic resistant bacteria, yeast infections, sensitivity and allergic drug reactions etc.

So what is the downside or the adverse reactions to the natural treatment plan mentioned above? Nada, zip, zero is the downside. Sure might help and sure won’t harm. Sounds a lot like the oath from Hippocrates that each of us as Doctors take upon our graduation whether it is chiropractic or medical school. Even the tests that are sometimes given can be downright invasive and create more problems. An example of this is one of my female patients who was coerced by a urologist to have water forced into her bladder to measure it’s capacity and also then to insert the scope into her bladder to have a look see! Well it seems that the doctors tools were not sterilized and she ended up with the worst infection this specialist/urologist had ever seen. This woman rightly then ran as fast as she could the other direction from the doctor who had twisted her arm to poke her bladder. With a combination of the right antibiotic prescribed by a more reasonable urologist and the seeing myself for the FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent and specific chiropractic spinal adjustment for the nerves to the bladder she is now recovered with a happy bladder. So if you have been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis you now have been given a new and better alternative to bring your bladder back to a healthy state.

Dr. Dana Q. Pletcher

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I recently have been taking care of the Maroscher Powerlifting Team out of Gurnee, IL. They workout at the Monster Garage Gym which is owned by Eric Maroscher, 2-Time WPC Powerlifting Champion and Phillip Daniels of the NFL’s Washington Redskins. I have had the opportunity to watch these guys train and even have joined them in workouts.
I am amazed at the training process and wondered if I could help them with their workouts. In my brain, I surmised that if their spine was in proper alignment that the nerve signals coming from their brain, down the spinal cord, through the bony structures to their muscles would flow effortlessly allowing them to lift more weight. I put my thought to the test. I have been at the gym for almost 8 weeks treating them now and the results are pretty amazing.

The process was this, the guys would do their normal lifts and just before approaching a maximum weight I would treat them using Chiropractic manipulation. Most of the guys would comment that they felt looser, more mobile and ready to lift. Upon question the Powerlifters the consensus was that it was definitely helping them lift more.

How is this possible?

The explanation is this. After lifting heavy weights for a few hours the way these guys do there is a compression that occurs on the spinal column. These compressive forces alter the nerve signal that leaves the spinal column on its way to tell the muscle to contract. A minor interference in this nerve can prevent the muscle from contracting with all of its fibers. By manipulating the spine and allowing the nerve signal to get to the entire muscle it has the best opportunity to contract maximally.

Chiropractic manipulation CAN make you stronger. This is why alot of professional sports teams and athletes see chiropractors regularly. I must admit, it sure is fun to be part of helping an athlete achieve his ultimate goal of performing at his/her best. To take a line from 2-time WPC Powerlifting Champion, it is great to be part of something BIGGER!!!

Dr. Jeff

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A phone call from a frantic mother today regarding her 16 year old daughter’s low back pain motivated me to blog about the bulge. The mother had taken her daughter to a local orthopedic surgeon who first took x-rays and saw nothing abnormal and ordered 4 weeks of physical therapy. The daughter felt progressively worse with increased low back pain with the PT. At this point the surgeon ordered an MRI of the lumbar spine. Today mom and daughter were expecting to hear the doctor’s report as nothing found once more. They were shocked when the Orthopedic guy told them that this 16 year old girl has a bulging disc in her lumbar spine. Of course he rightly told them that it is not advisable to do surgery on a 16 year old spine and that physical therapy would not help a slipped disc. His solution was one of doing nothing and stopping her budding aspirations to become a star in the growing sport of competitive cheerleading. His plan was to stop all tumbling, cheer practice, competitions and other physical activities that would be normal for a teenage girl. Hopefully the pain would eventually recede but her cheer career was over.
Hence the call to me today as the mother and daughter had both been patients of mine in the past. The question on their minds was…is there anything that chiropractic could do for a disc problem in the low back of a teenager. My answer was absolutely there are procedures that are safe and effective that I have used with many others and resolved the pain in the low back caused by a bulging/slipped disc.
The treatment I outline to her was flexion distraction or decompression of the lumbar spine and discs using a special table and technique called the Cox Technique. This was developed by a chiropractic low back specialist, Dr. Cox of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Along with the manual decompression treatments I recommended FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy using the frequencies for the spinal disc and those for inflammation. This combo of Chiropractic spinal decompression and the healing FSM frequencies have proven time and again to assist the body in the healing of bulging discs in the spine. Over the next 2 to 3 months I expect the pain to resolve and within 18 to 24 months the disc bulge should be reabsorbed and gone. A teenage girl will have her life back along with a backbone without pain.

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The February 24th issue of Time Magazine is focused on the treatment of pain as a condition or disease rather than a symptom. Interesting that traditional medicine is now looking at pain as a chronic disease rather than a symptom to be drugged. Some of the conditions mentioned in this issue of Time are neuropathy, central pain, RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or now called CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Discs in the back or neck,, chronic headaches to mention a few. The bottom line is that chronic pain is a disease of the central nervous system. They refer to the futility of treating pain with narcotics which become an addictive issue with other side effects and still not treat the cause of pain. They also mention implanting electrodes in the spinal cord to block pain and instead you feel numbness and tingling….again not treating the cause of pain. Perhaps for some severe cases this may be appropriate and yet this Time Magazine Issue on pain fails to mention FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent which is in my experience the most effective treatment for the cause of pain.
I have just returned from the annual FSM Advanced Reasearch Symposium held February 17th thru the 20th in Las Vegas Nevada. There were multiple presentations and case reports for treatments of painful and debilitating conditions that have no if any effective treatment methods in traditional medicine. Conditions such as PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, TOS Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Neuropathy, RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or now called CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Back pain due to degenerative discs were all discussed and case reports presented with successful treatment outcomes using FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent. A craniofacial surgeon presented case studies using FSM Microcurrent for treatment of radiation burns, scars and pain from the treatment of cancer. A prominent neurologist who was formerly head of pain treatment at Mayo Clinic presented cases of complex pain syndromes coming from the central nervous system and the use of Frequency Specific Microcurrent to improve and or resolve these conditions.
Up until now those of us in the trenches dealing daily the walking wounded had no effective way to deal with these conditions of chronic pain. FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent now provides me a way to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of these pain conditions. In the coming weeks I am going to address these pain conditions that were presented and discussed at this most recent FSM Research conference of 2011.

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I feel the need to share how important Chiropractic care is to the general public. Too often I assume that everyone knows what I know, and I want EVERYONE to have the benefits that I have from what Dr. Pletcher and I do every day in our office at HealthQuest Longevity Center. Over the years I have been plagued with neck and arm pain that has come and gone with treatment. In 2001 I experienced the first SIGNIFICANT episode of pain. After getting an MRI I learned that I had two herniated discs in my neck. I was experiencing numbness and tingling in my ring and pinky finger of my right hand. Dr. Pletcher and I started a treatment protocol of Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) and Chiropractic manipulations to help my body deal with the problems that I was having. On a recommendation from the MRI center after reviewing my report I visited a Neurosurgeon for their opinion. The Neurosurgeon said that he didn’t believe that I could get out of the pain without at minimum a cervical fusion at the C6-C7 disc level. Invasive surgery was not an option that I was willing to choose.  I was told that I would not be able to adjust patients for a period of six months with no guarantees that the surgery would correct the problem.  From experience in practice I knew that scar tissue could form and actually create more problems for me.  Dr. Pletcher (HealthQuest Longevity Center) engaged upon a more rigorous treatment protocol. Within 3 weeks the majority of my symptoms had disappeared and in two weeks following that I was back to normal.
It’s amazing to me that I really let the entire scenario escape me until this past Thanksgiving when I had an entirely new flare up. I had completely forgotten about the pain and was amazed that I have patients every day deal with this. I sure do have empathy for anyone undergoing this kind of pain. I had a new MRI taken and realized that now I had some mildly increased degeneration with some pressure on my spinal cord likely dueto inflammation from the disc herniation. I was convinced that if I could take care of the inflammation from the disc herniation that I could once again be pain free. Dr. Pletcher manually manipulated my cervical spine, I had some therapeutic massage and FSM. After three weeks of treatment I am once again pain free and I have completely blown a well know Pain Management Clinic out of the water with the fact that I can be pain free.
Many people have tried Chiropractic and Massage Therapy for neck problems but how many have tried Frequency Specific Microcurrent. I hope that anyone reading this realizes that there just may be an option to get you out of pain… and that might just be Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM). If you have an issue like these, please contact HealthQuest Longevity Center.

Dr. Jeff Watkin

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The snow was falling steadily last Monday night as I was sitting in my 4 Runner waiting for the green arrow to light up for my left turn. The car in front of me was spinning its wheels searching for traction in the slush and I was just about to move forward when…KaBoom! My mind began racing to process what just happened…an earthquake, well not likely in northern Illinois in the winter. In only a matter of seconds my mind grasped the fact that someone had just rammed into the backend of my Toyota with sginificant speed and force. Me the victim and the other vehicle a GMC Jimmy playing the perpetrator pulled over after clearing the intersection to assess damages. The 8.0 shake on the Wrector scale revealed a cave in on my rear hatch door and a dented in bumper. At first with the adrenaline rushing I didn’t feel anything wrong but in the next 10 minutes I was experiencing a headache and pain and tightness in my neck.
Fortunately I had brought a FSM Microcurrent unit home with me to treat my wife that night. So instead I was busy treating myself with the frequencies for trauma with the frequencies for muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves etc. I also ran the concussion protocol as my brain got a good sloshing around in my cranial cavity with that 8.0 Wrector shake.
Now I can identify with all of my patients over the past 35 years who have been involved in car accidents or falls resulting in whiplash. Good news is that I began treatment with FSM microcurrent in that 4 to 24 hour window following trauma or surgery.
Studies in Israel discovered that 11% of people involved in auto accident whiplashes go on to develop fibromyalgia in the next year or two. This is due to the stretching of the spinal cord with the rapid backward and forward whipping action of the head in an auto accident. Being able to treat with the FSM microcurrent seems to help the body heal the damage to the spinal cord and prevent future problems like fibromyalgia from developing.
Needless to say, I am following my own advice and after having Dr. Watkin take x-rays of my cervical spine and finding a 50% decrease in my range of motion…I am benefitting from the chiropractic spinal adjustments and the healing power of the Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatments.
My Toyota 4 Runner is being rebuilt and healed in the InterPro Auto Body shop and I am getting my personal body repaired and healed here at HealthQuest with Dr. Watkin.
If you are in an accident call and come in immediately for an evaluation and an initial FSM Microcurrent treatment for concussion and trauma. Your future will be much healthier…I know mine will be.
Dr Pletcher

Update…I have been following through with my chiropractic spinal adjustments and FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent as I recommend to my patients who are involved in an auto accident. I fully expect to recover with no permanent effects or impairments with this course of care. I picked up my 4 Runner last week and it is as good as new. InterPro Autobody in Lake Bluff did an amazing job and I recommend them highly to you if you are in an auto accident just call and talk to JR or Andy. Also of course I recommend myself, Dr. Watkin or someone like us to treat your human body following an auto accident.

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When a 23 year old young man we will call MT came in the office with a fracture in his foot yesterday it reminded me of the best kept secret…with FSM Micro-current there is a 4 to 24 hour window of time in which we can stop the inflammatory flod from developing. By stopping this inflammatory cascade which turns into a torrent and flood like is now occurring in Australia…we stop the pain, swelling and chronic inflammation/tissue damage which occurs after a strain/sprain, fracture or after a surgery or accident. Yes you read this correctly! It is like magic and yet it is real magic.
3 weeks ago a young 11 year old girl was brought in to see me after she had been to the emergency room and been diagnosed with a fracture of her right clavicle/collar bone. The x-ray films were the classic nasty variety of this break with clavicle broken in two pieces with the sternum or medial half slipped down and under the shoulder connected piece and overlapping each other. The orthopedic surgeon placed her in a sling and said leave it to its own devices for the next 6 to 8 weeks. I saw this girl 3 days after the trauma so the inflammation flood was already raging in full force with severe pain and swelling of her collar bone region. She couldn’t lay on either side or her stomach to rest or sleep. Her family was sandwiching her between 2 mountains of pillows. Well after the first FSM micro-current treatment her pain decreased dramatically from 9/10 on the VAS visual analog scale for pain to a 3/10 and the swelling of the rivers of inflammation receded by 50 %. We used the FSM protocols for the specific frequencies for trauma, inflammation, fracture targeted with the tissues involved which were bone, ligaments, muscles, connective tissue, cartilage, blood vessels etc. She was a very happier camper when I saw her for her second visit. We again treated for the specific frequencies for trauma/injury of all the tissues involved in this fracture. By the third visit she was able to lay down on her stomach and was pain free and this was after only 2 weeks. Normally with this clavicle fracture there would be a massive bump/callus formation as the 2 pieces of the collarbone try to find one another and knit back together. In her case with the swelling gone down I observed that this callus formation was less than half the size it would have normally been. It is my opinion that this decrease in the callus/bump was due to the application of the FSM micro-current and will prevent a disfiguring bump in this young ladies collar bone which normally occurs and lasts for many years to forever.
I am certain that the young man MT who started this story yesterday will have a much speedier outcome with his foot fracture with decreased pain/swelling and a faster healing time. In fact I forgot to mention that MT was referred in by one of my other patients whose daughter had a arm fracture and also referred by one of the best foot/ankle surgeons in Northern Illinois. This surgeon in fact told one of our mutual patients that if he (the surgeon) ever needed surgery he was going to see Dr. Pletcher for FSM afterwards.
The point of writing about these patients is to reveal the best kept secret. Whenever you or a loved one or friend experience an injury to any part of the body seek out a health care provided who is trained in FSM for treatment ASAP and remember the 4 to 24 hour window. Can FSM help if it is days or weeks past the injury? Certainly it can and will but will take longer and will seem like it is still a miracle but perhaps not magical. Oh yes, every surgery we have is an injury and trauma to our bodies so I recommend that every one of my patients who is having surgery see me for FSM micro-current treatment for recovery and the best surgical outcome. This also helps to make the surgeon look better and build their reputation.

Dr Dana Q Pletcher

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Welcome to all those who have decided to embark upon their Detox with Dr. Watkin starting on January 8th, 2011. Tomorrow will be the start of your 7 day detox on the road to optimal health in 2011.

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Up til now I thought I only had to worry about my asthma patients exercising and inducing an asthma attack! Facebook induced asthma is the newest diagnosis even though there is not yet a CPT diagnostic code for it. Now I am going to need to rethink this concept and start screening all my patients for Facebook accounts. If you have a Facebook account and a history of asthma I may have to recommend that you be unfriended or defriended or ex-friended by anyone you have had any emotional attachment to. This is based on a recent case with a gentleman who experienced asthma attacks every time he logged into his Facebook account and was reminded that his ex-girlfriend had de-friended him and replaced him by adding a number of young men to her  Facebook account.

For exercise induced asthma I have found that taking 1000 mg of  buffered Vitamin C prevents the asthma from attacking. So I am going to recommend that all of my patients with asthma and a Facebook account take 1000 mg of this buffered Vitamin C before logging into their account. Also as a chiropractor I have ample experience and evidence that specific spinal adjustments to the vertebra in the mid back help to prevent and relieve asthma attacks…so in addition to the Vitamin C you could see your chiropractor if you have emotional issues on Facebook.

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