Homeopathic HCG and Losing those extra pounds

Finally able to lose weight with a HCG Homeopathic plan! We all want to look our best in the summer months when we are wearing shorts and short sleeves. This is when we don’t want to show it…if we have it…and the it being excess body fat.

For the last 6 months we have been helping our patients lose weight safely with a specific plan and program utilizing Homeopathic HCG. HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a natural human hormone that is elevated in pregnanacy and in fact is the hormone measured in the test to determine if a woman is pregnant or not.

If you have been into the clinic in the past 6 months you probably have noticed that I, Dr. Pletcher, have been looking more like Brad Pitt these days. I admit Brad has more hair but I have lost 30 pounds and have been at my goal for 5 months now. The goal I chose the same weight I was as a junior in college and when I married my wife Cheryl and that is 172 pounds. I did this with the HCG program and yes I decided to do this as my own first guinea pig. I am so happy with the results for myself that I began offering it to you…our patients this past winter. We have many happy people now who are pleased to have Won at the Losing Game. You can join this elite and healthy club by calling and scheduling your appointment soon. We will coach you and support you all along  your path to the healthier and happier you.

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