Power of Healing and Health is in the Present Moment

Nature is always in the present moment. I have noticed that when I am outdoors walking in the forest preserve, lying on a beach or in the yard or on vacation in the Rocky mountains…it seems God hangs out there as His favorite place to be. After watching the Dancing of the Swans on Easter morning I finally realized why being outdoors in nature is always so relaxing and renewing. The Swans and all God’s creatures are not sad or angry about something that happened last week or years ago and they are not worried or anxious about tomorrow or next week /year. The Swans are living in this Present Moment. They are fully present and fully alive in their Swan bodies. This is why they can be so graceful and dance with such rhythmic freedom. Jesus said to take no thought for tomorrow and He said to not look behind where we have been. When we have pain in our life it is not easy to do this. Whether that pain is physical with aches in our joints or shooting pains from our neck down into our arms or between the shoulder blades…or whether that pain is emotional from our difficult dysfunctional family of origin…or a current relationship with a spouse. I admit it is constantly tempting us to look back where we have plowed and which Jesus told us not to do.

I grew up in rural Indiana and drove tractors for our neighbors who farmed and I can tell you that if you are looking back where you have been while plowing you will end up driving erratically over the field with a mess of overturned earth. We also we advised not to think about the field we are going to plow tomorrow or the next day/month/year as again this takes our focus off of the present moment and we wander all over the field and make a mess of today.

Our Power is only in this present moment. You and I have no power in the past and we are also powerless when our mind goes to the future. Regret and guilt over the past drain our vitality from today. Letting our mind wander into tomorrow and beyond sucks the life and power out of this present moment and in this sense Thinking becomes our most debilitating disease. We have Dis-Ease of Lack of Ease when we go back into the past or jump forward into the future. There is tremendous Power in the Now and in fact I now understand why when asked his name, God replied I AM that I AM! I am is only in the now…not I WAS or I WILL BE but instead I AM! God is the God of the Present and Not the God of the Past or The God of the Future. God lives in the timeless space of the present moment which is Eternity one moment at a time, one moment after another. Try it and I know you will like it. One of the easier ways to begin practicing living in the moment is to spend time in nature and watching nature. Just click on the link here and watch the Swans Dance in the Freedom of Now. I believe this is a tremendous asset to your and my healing and health. So Do It Now and Only in the Now.

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  1. Dear Dr Pletcher,
    Your words echo my thoughts and beliefs – entirely! Thank you for sharing your wonderful article.
    I would like to share a website I’ve created called ‘I am in this moment’ – http://iaminthismoment.com/
    I hope you enjoy it :)

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