Seasonal Acupuncture

What about health promotion and preventative medicine? Acupuncture is a front runner here also. We recommend to our patients that they schedule a Seasonal Acupuncture Treatment 4 times a year. Since we do not live at or near the equator, we experience quite a change in the weather from season to season with Jack Frost getting too much of the action in my opinion. As the earth moves on its axis away from the sun in the fall, the days get shorter and cooler. At the same time the electromagnetic field (EMF) that surrounds us slows down also…going from 8 pulses per second in the summer to 5.5 pulses per second in the fall. In the northern latitudes of Illinois we move even further from the sun in the winter and the days get really short and really cold as the electromagnetic field surrounding us diminishes to a measly 2.5 pulses per second. In the spring this pulse increases to 5.5 Hertz as new life springs forth with blossoms, leaves and baby birds and animals are born. This change in the EMF each season is an energy stress on our bodies. It is as if the body has to change the internal thermostats and then winterize to summerize our chemistry, hormones, blood flow etc. We already have more than enough stress physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and electromagnetically without this additional stress of the seasonal change. Have you ever wondered why we get colds and flu in the fall and winter? This energy stress/imbalance is one of the major factors along with decreased levels of Vitamin D from lack of sunshine in the fall and winter. Why do allergies flare seasonally and why do your muscle and joints ache more in the fall and winter? I think by now you know the answer. Hence you, me, all of us benefit from the healing and balancing effects of a seasonal acupuncture treatment 4 times a year.

So maybe you want to have that first child which seems impossible…think acupuncture. Maybe you want to feel more energy…think acupuncture. Perhaps a day without pain seems impossible…think acupuncture.
Oh yes, summer just started and both Dr. Watkin and myself are here for your seasonal acupuncture treatment. See you soon…I have already had my summer session.

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