Nattokinase gets post stroke man back to work

Nattokinase in my opinion and experience is safer and more effective than drugs such as Coumadin for promoting healthy circulation. This was made evident for me once more this week when one of my patients who suffered a stroke last year remarked,”Since taking the Nattokinase you recommended, I have felt better than I have ever felt since having my stroke.” In fact this patient we will call Sam Stroker went on to tell me that he had requested that his neurologist place him on light duty for return to work. He now feels he is ready to go back to work for the first time in over a year since suffering a stroke due to inadequate circulation to the brain. It was his temporal artery and thank God for quick action and surgery done at Loyola by an excellent neurosurgeon that Sam did not suffer any permanent paralysis or speech impediments. He was left though with a feeling of being just not right and not enough circulation to the brain. He had a procedure to do a graft of an artery from his leg to the brain and the blood flow had just not returned to normal.
I learned about Nattokinase at a National Conference on heart and blood vessel disease a few years ago. The Doctor who opened my eyes to nattokinase was in charge of the floor at a hospital in Colorado, which dealt with post stroke patients. He had been having excellent success in treating stroke patients with nattokinase with no adverse effects. His experience led him to believe that nattokinase improves the dynamics of the blood flow in the arteries, which yields increased circulation. He taught me that it also decreases blood clots but not by thinning the blood. Instead the nattokinase changes the hydraulics of the blood flow and therefore prevents eddy type currents in the rivers of our circulation. These eddy type currents cause stagnation of the blood flow. Once when my wife Cheryl and I lived in Idaho we were trapped in an eddy on the Snake River while rafting. With the canyon walls surrounding us and the primitive area we were trapped in we felt like we were going to circle around until we clotted up and died. Thankfully we grabbed a couple of branches from the river and with 2 more of us paddling we escaped and did not become skeletons on a raft on the Snake River. The nattokinase helps keep these dangerous eddy currents from forming in our bloodstream without resorting to preventing our blood from clotting like Coumadin and Plavix does.
Whenever I see bruising on the arms and hands of one of my patients who is taking the Rx blood thinners I am concerned. If I see bruising which is due to bleeding from the drugs, I ask myself and the patient this question…”If you and I see evidence of bleeding on your skin, do you think that is the only place in the body that you are having excessive bleeding? If we see bruising bleeding on the outside then it is also bleeding and bruising in your organs and muscles and intestines and most likely your nerves and brain also.” I do not believe this is an acceptable side effect of taking blood thinners and yet if you start observing you will see it in people around you at work, school or your family every day. I would much rather use an alternative like Nattokinase and even fish oil which has a beneficial effect and is required by our bodies while Warfarin/Coumadin/Decon rat poison is not a beneficial or required nutrient by humans.

A postscript here is that FSM microcurrent is also very beneficial to recieve after a stroke. We have treated many post stroke patients in our clinic safely with FSM Microcurrent and it has helped them recover optimally.

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