Drinking Poo Water

Can you picture yourself being extremely thirsty? Craving the rush of water into your mouth so mightily as if you were in Death Valley in the heat of the day without any water to drink. So parched that you would reach into the effluent of the sewage treatment plant or your septic system and squeeze the water from the goo/poo and pour it past your lips into your mouth?
I hope these thoughts just grossed you out and most probably did. Yet you are doing just this on a daily basis when you do not drink enough water. Our intestine of course is the sewage treatment plant in this analogy. We are in the desert when we do not purposely, consciously choose to drink water through the day. In fact we need to drink from our canteen or filtered bottle of Ice Mountain, Fuji, Aquafina, name your favorite or even tap water in a pinch. So what is a body like yours and mine to do when we deprive it of life giving water and in effect place it in the Sahara desert. Our body in the wisdom of its survival mode will go to where water is and right here I am picturing those water holes in Africa where all the animals come to in the drought season. They come and roll around in the mud hole of water and I imagine the elephants pooping and peeing there and then you finding this oasis with your parched body. Will you edge closer and closer to the stinky foul smelling water as you are on the look out for lions, tigers and bears and realize this is not the land of OZ and you are not in Kansas Dorothy.
This scenario you and I have seen on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic since we were kids has always intrigued me as to what would I do in that situation. By withholding the proper amount of water to our body on a daily basis we are placing ourselves in this very situation. The African watering hole/sewage treatment plant depending on your imagination and preference is our large intestine. There is water in the muck, yuck and poo and our body will go there to drink when we do not pour the water into our mouth throughout the day, Yes if you are not hydrating with clean pure water to the tune of half of your body weight in ounces per day…you are forcing your body to scavenge and squeeze water out of your poo in the colon.
Stealing the water from the intestine then leads to constipation and may even alternate with loose stools at times when we do drink more water as our body rushes to fill the watering hole of our sewage treatment dumpster. For those of us who do experience constipation or painful bowel movements due to hard stools we want to give our body a rainy season day every day by pouring that water past our lips throughout the day. Also we want to move our body throughout the day. We were made for movement as is most of nature. Movement is natural and you and I must Move and Move More Often. Drinking water will make our bowels less sluggish as well as giving us more energy. Ever notice how those animals in Africa are more slothful when there is no water available. The lions lay down with the lambs all day as they are too drained and fatigued to do anything. Remember we can survive longer without food than we can without water and yet we do the opposite more ofter. We give ourselves more food each day that we will burn and this adds pounds to our body as well as lead to a tired feeling as the majority of our blood is diverted to the intestines while our brains and muscles are deprived. At the same time we ingest more food than we need we drink less water than we need and then we feel less motivated to Move and Move More Often.
So unless you want your body to slack its thirst by going to the wild animal African mudhole of your intestines today…Drink Water and Drink More Often as you Move and Move More Often. This leads to the most beautiful Oasis you can conjure up in your body’s ecology and it becomes a Healthy Balanced Rain Forest rather than a parched desert in the non rainy season.

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