Allergic to Cold

Recently there was a young mother who could not play outside with her 2 young children in the cold winter weather without her hands and fingers turning blue and cold the skin literally cracking open. She had previously been diagnosed with Raynaud’s Disease. In her case as in the two people mentioned below, I tested her for an allergic reaction to cold by using an ice pack. I had her hold the ice pack and then test her quadriceps muscle in the thigh to see if the ice made a change in her muscles strength. To her surprise, while holding the ice in her hands the previously strong quadriceps thigh muscle became quite weak. It was obvious to her and to myself that her body did not like the cold in her hand and reacted negatively. I explained to her that her body had made the decision that cold temperatures were her enemy and the body mounted an allergic inflammatory response when exposed to cold much as a person with a cat allergy responds negatively via their immune system.
I explained that this is a learned response by the body and that we could help change this. I then proceeded to desensitive her to the cold reaction by having her hold the ice pack while I treated specific acupuncture points by tapping them while she touched the ice and also the neurolymphatic reflex points for the small intestines. After treatment I had her again hold the ice while I tested the quadriceps muscle and to her amazement the cold no longer weakened her muscle. She had to leave for Christmas vacation and upon her return to my office she had the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face. Her first words were, “This is like a miracle. Since you treated me for the cold allergy my hands have been fine. The cracks in the skin are gone and my hands don’t turn blue and freezing in the outside winter temps.” I have included a video of her remarks on this visit for your viewing.
LK is a young woman who had chronic headaches and these were triggered exposure to cold weather. She also seemed to catch every virus and bacterial infection that was currently in fashion in the winter months. She had seen multiple doctors and had many blood tests and CT Scans and MRI tests with no answers. After treating her for the allergy to cold she now can be well thru the Illinois winters and the headaches are gone.
I also recall the patient, a real estate broker, who also would get headaches when exposed to cold temperatures. He also experienced weakness fatigue and GI distress during the winter months here in Illinois. He also now has made friends with the cold temperatures of winter here in northern Illinois after the cold allergy treatments.
There is also history of success treating other patients with other allergies such as reactions to diesel fumes, dog and cat allergies etc. I am sharing this with you so you are aware there are other avenues to consider and to treat when it comes to chronic symptoms especially those triggered by cold winter type weather.

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