Migraine miracle without drugs

Migraine Miracle without Drugs

This young hairstylist presented with the symptoms of recurring migraine headaches. There are at least 2 occupational hazards for those working in the beauty and hair professions. One hazard is biomechanical stress due to standing long hours and having the arms and hands raised up to do the styling of hair. This creates stress on the spine from the neck to mid and lower back and also fatigues the muscles. The second hazard for hairstylists is the exposure to chemicals that are toxins. This increased toxic load stresses the liver and the lungs. In functional medicine we look to the liver when a patient is having migraine headaches as we know there is a connection between liver function and migraine headaches.

For this young lady her remarkable recovery is due to the chiropractic spinal adjustments of her neck and back which is a factor in the cause of migraine headaches along with liver function. You can see and hear her own words describing her recovery without drugs by clicking this link. We also coached her through a nutritional detoificaiton program using a functional medical food, HealthE-Clear Plus with its companion HealthE-Clear Capsules, which both support the liver detoxification process. This program also is an elimination diet which means we take out the most common food allergens which are dairy, eggs and wheat/gluten.

FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Acupuncture were also used as Energy Medicine modalities. Both of these therapies were used to support and balance the brain, nerves, muscles and liver. You can read more about these effective energy medicine tools by clicking on the links above.

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