Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and FSM Microcurrent

FSM Microcurrent is changing the definition of the word permanent when related to nerves and neuropathies.This video is the personal recovery story of a patient in our clinic treated with FSM Microcurrent Therapy for Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. Ramsay Hunt syndrome is peripheral facial nerve palsy or paralysis that also can be diagnosed by an erythematous or red rash on the ear (zoster oticus) or in the mouth. J Ramsay Hunt is the Doctor who studied and wrote about different clinical presentations of facial paralysis and rash. Dr Hunt also noticed other frequent symptoms and signs like ringing of the ears or tinnitus, hearing loss, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, and rapid jumpy movements of the eyes called nystagmus. It is now known that the cold sore virus aka varicella zoster virus (VZV) causes Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Compared with Bell’s palsy (Which is the facial paralysis without rash), those with Ramsay Hunt syndrome more often have severe paralysis at onset and have a poor prognosis with a greater likelihood of permanent nerve damage.
On a followup visit after 4 weeks the ENT specialist who initially saw this woman was amazed at her improvements and so much so that he even made a comment that he must have misdiagnosed her initially with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. Of course the ENT doc said this because he has never seen a patient improve like this before. I am certaiin he made the correct diagnosis and I contacted him to let him know that although he was surprised at such results…I was not surprised and have come to expect results like this when we can start treatment early in the condition.
If you have a neuropathy or nerve condition I encourage you to seek out a practitioner who uses FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent in their treatment of the supposed untreatable.

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