Concussions Can & Must Be Treated

Concussion: There is a treatment to stop future brain function loss in your child by Dr Dana Q. Pletcher

Today I was reminded again of how devastating a concussion can be. One of our patients told me that her adult daughter Connie was hit in the head by a baseball bat while sitting in her hot tub. So I immediate said get your daughter in here ASAP for FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy. When Connie came in she told me the story of  her son throwing the bat over the upper level deck not knowing mom was sitting in the hot tub. She went to the hospital had x-rays and they diagnosed a concussion and of course was told go home and rest and eventually you will feel better because in their world no treatment for concussion exists. Now that is a line of garbage! She was feeling exhausted with no motivation and having headaches and neck pain. Now mind you this is a highly successful realtor/broker who is normally like the energizer bunny. The Happy Ending to this story is that after 7 treatments Connie is feeling fantastic again with Energizer Bunny level enthusiasm and no headaches or neck pain. In my experience without this FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatment Connie would never have been the same after the concussion.

Of course concussions affect not only adults but their children also and this was brought to the public’s attention with A study published Monday August 30th in the journal Pediatrics. Connie’s story and this journal article prompted me to sit down at the keyboard of my Mac and write this to all of us who are parents or grandparents. The study revealed that the number of children going to the emergency room for concussions they suffered while playing competitive sports has more than doubled in recent years. Reuters Health reported that more than 100,000 visit the ER rooms of hospitals with concussion and many more never are seen at the hospital or even diagnosed with concussions. This fact is due to expanding the old definitions of concussion which said the person had to lose consciousness to have a concussion which is false. Now we realize that even more minor shakeups of the head and brain can cause varying degrees of trauma and concussion to our brains.

I am going to begin with the end in mind in this article and that is to dispel the old school thinking that there is no treatment for concussion! Yes indeed, there is a treatment for concussion and this is FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

As a parent if you knew that concussion leads to dysfunction of the brain with decrease in learning ability, emotional upset, sometimes personality changes and even diminished athletic performance now and probable increase in the likelihood of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases of the brain down the road…would you be willing to stop these current and future losses of brain function/health in your child? I certainly am betting that you would if you only knew there was a safe and effective treatment. Well there is a treatment and as I stated above it is called FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent and it is the only treatment I know of that will remove the concussion out of the brain/body. This is vital to know, as the brain/body seems to have a stored memory of the trauma. This is so important that we begin most treatment plans with the FSM concussion protocol as it is helpful to the treatment of any and all conditions to remove the effects of concussion from the brain. In fact it is like a rebooting of your computer when it is acting up and not processing information effectively and correctly. Control alt delete is in fact what the FSM microcurrent does for our brain. It can only help and there are no side effects.

Beyond the contact sports of football, soccer, hockey and basketball there are many other causes for concussion.  Gymnastics, trampolines, car accidents, falls from all causes including skiing, biking, rollerblading, playgrounds, water tubing, snowmobiling and just rough housing at home with brothers and sisters. So with this in mind I am going to be so bold as to make this statement, “Every child could benefit from a 30 minute FSM microcurrent treatment to remove concussion and every child who has had a fall or trauma from any sport or activity NEEDS to have this FSM microcurrent treatment for concussion.” If every one of you who has children takes this as seriously as I do…then call and make an appointment now because there will be a scarcity of available times in the next few weeks.

Here are a couple of questions to test your concussion knowledge.

1. What is the most common accidental cause of concussion in children ages 8-13? A. Roller blading B. Swimming C. bicycle riding D. Gymnastics  (see answer at end of article)

2. Are girls or boys more likely to suffer concussions from playing soccer or basketball?

3. To have suffered a concussion you must have lost consciousness after the fall, injury or trauma. True or False

4. There is no treatment for concussion. True or False

5. The effects from a concussion may last for the rest of one’s life without treatment. True or False

Answers: 1. C. Bicycle riding accidents 2. Girls 3. False 4. False 5.True

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8 Responses to Concussions Can & Must Be Treated

  1. Lois McGraw says:

    My 48 year old son was hit by a car when he was 8 years old, causing a severe concussion and a broken leg in two places.
    As he has grown, he now has severe mental healh problems such as bipolar disease, among others, i suspect. Can this childhood injury have had this kind of affect on him?
    As he lives in a different state from me, and I have no idea who treats him, I would like to know how to respond to him when he goes into rages that no one but him is intelligent,etc.

    • Lois,
      Yes the childhood injury can affect your son’s mental state and that is why I so emphasize the treatment of concussion with FSM Micro-current. If he can see someone in his area for FSM it may help and it certainly cannot hurt. You are in a difficult situation when in conversation with your son and since you are the healthier one…sometimes you listen with love and send him prayers and blessings.
      Dr Pletcher

  2. Kathy DiMeglio says:

    An answer to a prayer to read and find this blog. I even called your office today to get more information. My son is 13 years old and had a concussion to the back of his head 3 years ago. Been searching round the world to find something that will energetically and holistically treat him. He had been tackled during play and hard. Since it was during play he had no helmet on. What we are noticing is vertigo when he is ill and/or when he exerts himself during sports. Today he is talking about how his eyes are feeling too wide open and he feels off balance. Do you have a response. We are connected with a massage therapist who does micro current specific therapy with another issue for my daughter and considering purchasing a portable machine. What are your thoughts? We live in rural area and everything is a hike.

    Thanks so much for this blog!

    • You are most welcome Kathy. Can’t hide a light this bright under a bushel! You are most correct in assuming from our blog article and your son’s history that the FSM is most necessary. Concussion must be treated and the only treatment I know that is effective is FSM. Most important points to consider is that your therapist has been trained by Dr. Carolyn McMakin or one of her certified teaching instructors. There are a few that are teaching their own brand of microcurrent and of those I am suspect. The portable machine comes in two models made by Precision Distributing in Portland Oregon. The one unit is called a Home Care unit and has certain most often used protocols pre programmed into the unit. The other unit is called CustomCare and is programmable by the practitioner who is trained in FSM and has the software for the computer. We often use this CustomCare to create a specific protocol for certain patients with unique histories and needs. My daughter bought one of these and I have programmed various protocols they have needed with their 3 children and injuries that occur etc. I keep one of these units at home to treat friends and family in emergency situations also. My parents also have appreciated one of these CustomCare units that my siblings and I bought them for their Christmas present a year ago. I believe it has been the one most used and appreciated presents they have even been given. Since you live in a rural area I certainly would recommend that you strongly consider one of these home units to have available. You could talk to your local therapist about this if he or she uses these specific units and if not I would be glad to work with you if you have no practitioners in your area who are well versed in FSM and use it regularly in their practices. Love and the energy of healing to you and your family.
      Dr Pletcher

  3. Brandon says:


    I was playing pond hockey with some friends, and received quite a vicious high-stick to the head. There was blood everywhere and required quite a few stitches.

    It has been confirmed that I suffered a concussion, and I have most of the typical concussion symptoms (mental fatigue, dizzyness, forgetting names/places, low energy, headaches etc).

    I have tried the FSM concussion protocol several times, and it has had some impact. On average, how many treatments are required to help fully? (each treatment I had is about 25-30 minutes in length).

    Also, where is the best place to put each channel? I initially had them on the front and back of my head, but didn’t find it helped much. Now I have one on the back of my head, and my stomach and I believe that helps a bit more.

    I am really looking forward to hearing a response, thank you very much :)

    • Brandon,
      thanks for your questions…FSM for concussion may require 7 to 12 treartmetns based on degree of concussion and how much time elapsed between the injury and first treatment…the sooner the treatment begins after injury the better. Are you using the protocols as taught by Dr McMakin for concussion.
      The application of pads or gloves/wet towels is best at the base of the head around the upper neck and the abdomen…
      I have had very good success with many people using the FSM and treating concussion and in fact is the only effective tx method I know of.
      Dr Pletcher

  4. Brandon says:

    Thank you very much for your response. I have definitely found improvement using the concussion protocol and putting the pads on the base of my neck and on the abdomen.

    My Naturopath and I are using the protocols by Dr McKakin (from the book Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Pain Management).

    I am sure in a few more treatments I will be as good as new. I appreciate knowing how many treatments is common.

  5. Brandon says:

    Sorry to bother you again, but one last question. How often would you recommend doing the treatment per week?

    Is there a danger in doing it too much? I had done it a few days in a row and felt that my brain felt “jolty” as if it were over-stimulated. This also has affected my quality of sleep as my brain couldn’t shut off at night. I have stopped for a few days, and that sensation has decreased.

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