FSM Microcurrent Treatment of Chronic Pain

The February 24th issue of Time Magazine is focused on the treatment of pain as a condition or disease rather than a symptom. Interesting that traditional medicine is now looking at pain as a chronic disease rather than a symptom to be drugged. Some of the conditions mentioned in this issue of Time are neuropathy, central pain, RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or now called CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Discs in the back or neck,, chronic headaches to mention a few. The bottom line is that chronic pain is a disease of the central nervous system. They refer to the futility of treating pain with narcotics which become an addictive issue with other side effects and still not treat the cause of pain. They also mention implanting electrodes in the spinal cord to block pain and instead you feel numbness and tingling….again not treating the cause of pain. Perhaps for some severe cases this may be appropriate and yet this Time Magazine Issue on pain fails to mention FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent which is in my experience the most effective treatment for the cause of pain.
I have just returned from the annual FSM Advanced Reasearch Symposium held February 17th thru the 20th in Las Vegas Nevada. There were multiple presentations and case reports for treatments of painful and debilitating conditions that have no if any effective treatment methods in traditional medicine. Conditions such as PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, TOS Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Neuropathy, RSD Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or now called CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Back pain due to degenerative discs were all discussed and case reports presented with successful treatment outcomes using FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent. A craniofacial surgeon presented case studies using FSM Microcurrent for treatment of radiation burns, scars and pain from the treatment of cancer. A prominent neurologist who was formerly head of pain treatment at Mayo Clinic presented cases of complex pain syndromes coming from the central nervous system and the use of Frequency Specific Microcurrent to improve and or resolve these conditions.
Up until now those of us in the trenches dealing daily the walking wounded had no effective way to deal with these conditions of chronic pain. FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent now provides me a way to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of these pain conditions. In the coming weeks I am going to address these pain conditions that were presented and discussed at this most recent FSM Research conference of 2011.

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  1. Karen says:

    I am currently healing from PTSD that began 334 years ago after a motorcycle accident when I was 15. I am using FSM and I am healing!!! The PTSD very much damaged my life–I could not think, could not feel, could not cry, would get lost easily while driving. I am now HEALING, 34 years later, due to FSM. This works!!!!!

  2. patricia mainprize says:

    where did you go for this treatment, what kind of a doctor did the treatments, and how many treatments did you need?

    • Karen says:

      Patricia, I went to a doctor in the San Diego area, Dr Dan Harper. I bought my own portable FSM machine from him, and have been using it every day for 7 1/2 months now. The healing has been progressive. Dr Dan is a licensed medical doctor, as well as a homeopath. He is open to alternative types of healing, but also knows the traditional stuff. He said that for those with PTSD, it will take anywhere from 6 weeks to 1.5 years for the healing to be complete.

    • Patricia,
      You can go to the main website for FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent to find a practitioner in your area. There are chiropractic doctors like myself who are trained in FSM and there are medical doctors, physical therapists and acupuncturists also who use FSM. The Doctor who has taught all of us is Dr. Carolyn McMakin who is a chiropractic doctor in Portland Oregon. With chronic conditions some of our patients benefit greatly from a programmable FSM unit called a CustomCare which they can purchase from their FSM doctor and use at home daily if needed.
      Love, energy and healing to you
      Dr. Pletcher
      the website to find local doctors using FSM is: http://www.frequencyspecific.com/

  3. Kriste says:

    I haven’t found any FSM people here in WV. How much does a treatment cost-aspoximate? My husband has prostate problems and ED.Does this help allergies? I have them. Can it help hydrocephalus? I am a senior with it. Well compensated from birth. I don’t think it can correct it completely. I just don’t want to have the eventual surgery with all of his problems and dangers! Thanks, Kriste

    • Hi Kriste,
      Sorry that you do not seem to have a practitioner in WV that is fluent in use of FSM. The cost of treatment varies depending on the time necessary to do a protocol and can vary in our clinic from $30 to $72 for a specific FSM session. The FSM can be helpful for prostate problems and we have helped a number of men with this. The ED is a condition that I have not had opportunity to treat very often as perhaps men are reluctant to admit this issue and also may not feel that we treat such conditions. The few men I have seen for this have not produced any miracles yet they did not follow thru as needed to give time and the frequencies a chance so I cannot tell you how effective FSM is with ED. Regarding your hydrocephalus I have not had anyone present to our clinic for tx of this. Most often it has been diagnosed and managed with a shunt which works quite well. The FSM is helpful for any injury to the brain from trauma, strokes etc and I feel could only help and not hurt someone who is managing their hydrocephalus already with a shunt. i will see if I can come up with anyone in your reasonable driving range to see for FSM. I do know there is a very good doctor in Virginia that is very proficient with FSM…Health and happiness to you and your husband.
      Dr Pletcher

  4. Is the FSM treatment like the TENS treatment. I have lower back pain.The doctors at my clinic say I have degeneritive disc.They tell me to just take IBP every day.

    • No It is not like TENS Charles. Tens is in the milliamp range and FSM is in the micro amps so this is like a thousandth of an amp for tens and a millionth of an amp for FSM microcurrent. TENS will deplete the muscles and tissues of their ATP/energy while FSM microcurrent increases ATP/energy. Also TENS does not have specfic frequencies for specific tissues so in your case we can treat the discs in the spine with the frequencies that decrease inflammation and promote healing in the different parts of the disc. TENS is strictly to temporarily decrease the pain sensation whereas FSM micro helps heal tissues and also therefore decrease the pain because of decreased inflammation and healing.
      Dr Pletcher

  5. L.F says:

    Looking for a FSM homeunit for personal use only. Any suggestion on what kind of FSM machine and where can we get one?

    • They are available only from practitioners who have completed the training on FSM microcurrent. Where do you live? If there is a Doctor who currently utilizes FSM in their practice and is close to you then that is who you would be best to consult with and then have them decide the protocols you need and they would program the unit if it is a CustomCare or if your needs are met with the protocols programmed into the HomeCare unit then that would work. This is how we do this in our clinics. There is only one brand of FSM Microcurrent that I have found to be reliable and consistent and that is made my Precision Distributing and again only thru a trained provider. The Doctor who has trained all of us including myself to be proficient in the art and science of Frequency Specific Microcurrent is Dr. Carolyn McMakin who is located in Portland Oregon. http://www.­frequencyspecifi­c.­com/­practitioners.­php
      Good luck and if I can be of further help…feel free to ask. Dr Pletcher

  6. Jodi says:

    Dr. Pletcher,

    I have two bulging disks in my back which is causing the most pain. I have just completed a regime of vax-d (decompression) and I have tried almost everything besides surgery. I know everyone is different but how effective is fsm in treating back injuries and have you seen it help back injuries personally? Any help is appreciated….

    • I have found FSM to be very effective in treating disc bulges with inflammation. I have had many patients over the past 12 years whose discs are healed with the help of FSM and Chiropractic adjustments with Flexion distraction for the lower back. We also have had good success with FSM and Chiropractic for the discs in the neck/cervical spine. In my experience the only time surgery is necessary is if FSM microcurrent along with the Cox method of Flexion/distraction decompression of the back when it is the lumbar discs does not help. You had the VAX D which is helpful in some cases and if you would have had FSM Microcurrent added to this regime it would have greatly improved the odds in favor of helping you and preventing surgery.
      I recommend you find a doctor in your area who utilizes FSM in their treatment of disc conditions. Go to the official website for FSM microcurrent which is taught by Dr. Carolyn McMakin who is my mentor and friend…http://www.frequencyspecific.com/
      As you may have read…FSM even helped heal my son’s dog who was told either have an expensive surgery which as in humans may or may not help OR be put down. Well the outcome was wonderful and the little doggie is now running and jumping and playing again. Give FSM a go and good luck. Dr Pletcher

      • Jodi says:

        Dr. P. thank you for responding and for the good luck wishes. My 1st fsm appt is tomorrow. Hope all goes well.

  7. Christy Lewis says:

    My post got sent before I was finished!
    *Anyway, her symptoms were getting worse, so we had an MRI done back in May and discovered she has two bulging disc at L4 and L5. One of them (L5) is herniated. We had to take her out of competitive cheer and she has not tumbled all summer. She is on the cheer team at school and her practices start in August. For the past 3 months she has been to PT twice a week consistently and a chiropracter who does decompression. She also does the FSM machine. These things have helped, but she is still in considerable pain. Her muscle tension is significant and ranges from her buttocks all the way up her back to her neck. 6 weeks ago she got a steriod shot which helped, but her pain level is still at a 3 – consistently. I still have her going to PT. She’s exercising (lightly) and icing every night and stretching. We are very frustrated. We were told this would improve quicker than we thought. Are her cheer days completely over. Will she ever be able to tumble or even jump again?? We feel like we are doing everything we can to help our daughter.

    • Keep the faith. I have had several young women who are competetive in cheer and had similar symptoms. The most recent had bulging disc at L5 and we took her out of cheer for one season and with the application of FSM and Flexion distraction manipulation she has returned to cheer this season. Make sure her Chiropractor is using the Acute Disc protocol with the FSM microcurrent. Dr Pletcher

  8. Christy Lewis says:

    It looks like the first part of my post did not get sent:
    * My daughter is 14 years old and started feeling back pain in her lower in November, 2012. We took her to an Orthopedic/Pediatric Sports Medicine specialist in February, 2012. She was diagnosed with SI joint dysfunction. She started PT and her symptoms got worse! We took her back in May, 2012 and got an MRI. She has two bulging disc – one of them herniated at L5-S1.

  9. Charity says:

    Dear Dr Pletcher,
    have you ever treated someone who had PHN (post herpetic neuralgia)? I’ve had it for 3 years, since my first and only encounter with shingles. I am currently using FSM rented machine to treat and have had about 35 treatments, and here are my results: after a few days my pain was cut in half and my energy was doubled! That’s a hallelujah! Because I was really worn out from all the pain. But, I wish for the PHN to be all gone, if possible, and now, it seems to be staying about the same. I’ve been on FSM about a month, how many more months might it take?
    Thank you for all your help!!!

    • Charity,
      The FSM is the best treatment I know for PHN. Your results look consistent with what I have experienced with patients. It may take 3 to 4 months to get maximum results as you had the post herpetic neuralgia for 3 years before finding relief with FSM…
      Keep up the healing
      Dr Pletcher

  10. Rosie Conati says:

    Has anybody used FSM for fibromyalgia? How many treatments did you have? Did you get better?

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