Depression & The Pits

Recently a woman we will call Debbie called our office and pleaded for us to see her as soon as possible. She was as deep in the pit of despair as one could go. Even though she was on 5 different medications for depression and anxiety her condition was heading further south. Her intuition and belly brain were telling her to just say NO to Drugs.

The most common cause of depression is nutritional insufficiencies. The most common side effect of drugs is causing nutritional insufficiencies. Let me see here...nutritional insufficiencies equals depression. Drugs = nutritional insufficiencies. In geometry we are taught that 2 things equal to the same thing are in fact equal to each other. Therefore drugs = depression.

This is the conclusion that Debbie had come to also. She was getting sicker quicker on the medications. After thorough testing and examination she began a supervised nutritional detoxification program. Supplying her real needs for vitamins, minerals and enzymes has allowed her to withdraw from the toxic drugs gradually and less painfully. Surprise to her, but not to me, she is feeling better than she has felt in years. Hope has returned and she is making plans to not only return to work, but to follow that dream as a race car driver. I plan on being there in the pits for her first race. No, for Debbie its no longer the pits of depression, it's the race car pits. Its off to the races when you have your health back and you are in the drivers seat again. What's your dream? Are you ready to get healthy and go for it?

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher with the...Other Side of the Story.