Instead of suppressing your child’s or your own energy with a speed type prescription drug which is illegal if sold on the street…Instead of stunting your child’s growth and crushing their spirit and personality … Instead how about bringing into focus their MAA with brain enhancing nutrients, which here at Health Quest we define as Multiple Attention Ability. Our experience with those who have been labeled by teachers or diagnosed by a doctor with ADD /ADHD are very gifted human beings. To take away their creative edge and their heartfelt emotions with a prescription chemical is a mistake and disservice to our next generation. The brain and nerves require the essential fatty acids (EFA’s) EPA and DHA to normalize and enhance communication. Our diets are to put it bluntly…insufficient in these omega 3 EFA’s. As these need to be supplemented in the diet to get enough we recommend only the pharmaceutical grade EPA/DHA in Super Fishy Lube Oil Change. If you or a loved one has ADD/ADHD then today is the day to begin a natural safe therapy. In addition we have found that the B-Complex vitamins with the patented ActiFolate are essential (5-Methyl-Tetra-HydroFolate…the active form of folic acid). Food allergy/sensitivity testing and a hair analysis for heavy metal screening and mineral levels are also advisable.








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