image_addictedBoth of the Health Quest Docs have completed a post-graduate training program in the treatment of addictions. One of our professors was Dr. Kenneth Blum who is the researcher that discovered the addiction/alcoholism gene. If you have inherited this gene from one or both of your parents it is easier for you to become chemically addicted than someone who doesn’t have this code on your 11th chromosome. Now with that said, are we blaming addictions all on our genes, parents, heredity? Absolutely not, as we are discovering that genetics is completed through nutrition and lifestyle. Genetics contributes about 20 % to our likelihood of developing any disease including addictions. Exposure to toxins, spinal subluxations and stress in addition to poor nutrition and genetics are the 5 primary causes of substance cravings and abuse.

The nutrients that keep us from reading the page in our book of life (chromosomes/genes) coding for addictions are:

  • Folic acid and if you have any family history or personal history with addictions, then you need the patented ActiFolate ( B-Complex and FolaQuest)which is the active form of folic acid…5MTHF. The active form of folic acid along with the B-Complex family of nutrients is a must for addiction issues.
  • The amino acid tyrosine is a building block to make dopamine, an important feel good chemical nerve messenger in our brains. So rather than taking drugs, you could take this safe amino acid complex as a lone amino acid or if you hve low thyroid function then you would find HealthE-Thyroid most effective as it contains tyrosine and the other factors for healthy thyroid function.
  • The highest quality MultiVitamin/Mineral complex is also a must to reduce the cravings and through years of clinical expericence and research we have formulated what we feel is one of the best available in MultiQuest and MultiQuest NO IRON and MultiQuest Tablet and MultuiQuest Tablet NO IRON. If you are a man or a woman who is post menopausal you should choose the NO IRON formulas. If you are a woman who is still having menstrual cycles or your blood tests indicate you are anemic…man or woman…then choose the regular formulas that have iron.
  • To address the toxicity issue it is important to support your liver detox pathways with HealthE-Clear Caps. A clinically supervised detoxification using a patented medical food (HealthE-Clear Plus) with a health professional is the best choice.
  • Call our Health Quest phone 847-367-7131to make an appointment here or  for a referral to a practitioner in your area.
  • Seek out an appropriate support group such as Narcotics Anonymous because no one is an island and we all need the support of a Higher Power.


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