It would be a true miracle if we could tell you that there is a cure for AIDS. Wishing won’t make it so and until research comes up with better solutions, we are left with very potent and toxic yet necessary prescription drugs. These very life prolonging medications put their own additional stress on an already besieged immune system.

The best results we have seen in our patients who are HIV positive and even those with the diagnosis of AIDS is to support the immune system and the liver for detoxification.
Because 65% of our immune system is based in the lining of the gastro-intestinal tract we recommend HealthE-Gut for its healing and repair of the mucosal lining. Also it is important to digest foods as completely as possible and this is supported by utilizing digestive enzymes and betaine hydrochoride with pepsin found in Digestzyme…2 tablets taken with each meal. Eating a diet with foods that are more closely compatible with your blood type also decreases the load on your immune system (see eating right for your blood type diet). HealthE-Clear Caps support phase I and Phase II of your liver’s detoxification process and can also be part of a supervised clinical detoxification program using the medical food HealthE-Clear PLUS.

Note that it is our recommendation to discuss any nutritional or botanical supplements you may be considering or already taking with your healthcare provider.


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