Definition: Arthritis is defined as inflammation of the joints, but there are over 100 conditions classified as types of arthritis, which involve inflammation of tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints.
If you or a loved one has pain in your joints…You don’t need to look up arthritis in the dictionary to know and understand that active arthritis is synonymous with OUCH…PAIN…HURT…ACHE…I am much too young to feel this damned old!
The wear and tear type arthritis is called osteoarthritis or DJD degenerative joint disease. In our clinic we often see this type of arthritis on x-rays in the neck and back years after an auto accident. The trauma sets off an inflammatory response in the body, which is needed very temporarily for healing. In too many of our bodies an accident triggers an inflammatory response, which is over the top and continues on for many years and even in cases…the rest of our lives! Does this have to be the case? Absolutely not!
There are natural methods to deal with preventing and also treating existing painful arthritis. Prevention of course is the best course of action and this needs to be done immediately after the sprained ankle, overused shoulder, fall on the bum, twisted knee and you can continue the list. Chiropractic manipulation of the joints involved in an injury or arthritis helps restore mobility. A joint that is not moving properly creates mechanical stress inducing and perpetuating inflammation while decreasing normal joint fluid production to lubricate and bring nutrients to the cartilage. Restoring movement to a joint decreases mechanical stress and improves healthy joint fluid to nourish that joint…whether it is your neck, back, hip or knees, wrists, ankles.
A second important factor is nutrition and this is important in two ways. We now know that food is information and it speaks to our genes. Foods either speak peace, healing and joy to our genes and cause them to then produce the proteins, hormones/kinases, etc., that are anti-inflammatory and healing to our bodies. OR...other foods speak danger, alarm, attack to our genes and our DNA translates these messages into inflammatory proteins, hormones, chemical messengers that put our body or keep our body in a state of being on FIRE! So in our clinic we give our patients a shopping list of foods that are Peacemakers or anti-inflammatory in nature. (Click link).
We also prescribe SKRM’s Specific Kinase Response Modifiers which are found in nature and then concentrated into a supplemental capsule or tablet you can take like HealthE-Joint. HealthE-Joint contains RIAA’s Reduced Iso-Alpha Acids found in a specific species of hops. These RIAA’s change the message to our genes from one of alarm, danger and fire into peace healing bliss and calm. The HealthE-Joint has been patented and proven in clinical trials to be equal if not more effective than Celebrex and its Drugly cousins with no side effects like the strokes, heart attacks and bleeds or Bextra or Vioxx. Also included in the natural effective nutraceuticals are turmeric/curcumin, EPA/DHA essential fatty omega 3 acids and glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate.
A word of caution needs to be said here in regards to glucosamine chondroitin sulfate! The studies done that proved this joint regenerating substance indeed works were done with a enzyme produced chondroitin which is more expensive to produce…this of course is not the type to be found in your discount vitamin stores, big box Mart stores and on most sites on the internet. Caveat…if it is cheaper…then it is not the enzyme-produced form of chondroitin and it won’t work! The cheaper stuff is acid produced and creates rock size pieces of chondroitin that cannot be absorbed through your intestinal barrier walls. The enzyme form is like microscopic pieces of white sand that pass easily into your bloodstream and finds its way to your joints.
A natural therapy for arthritis is FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent. For prevention we remind our patients to call our office immediately if they have an injury…be it twisted ankle or knee, slip and fall, car accident, shoulder injury etc. When we can use the FSM microcurrent to treat an injury in the first 6 to 24 hours…well it can only be described as Healing Magic…because the next day it is like the accident or injury never happened. This treatment seems to cut the inflammatory cascade off at the pass! The crescendo of fire and inflammation following an injury by the day after the injury is stopped cold by FSM. So what it you didn’t know about this injury miracle of FSM? We can still help heal old injuries with FSM as a component along with joint manipulation and nutrition…it just takes longer! Multiple treatments and time is what it then takes for pain resolution and return to function.
So Arthritis need not be forever. Even when the joint may still look arthritic on X-ray, CT scan or MRI…it no longer is getting our attention with Painful Messages because the fire aand inflammation is gone. Make an appointment with Dr. Pletcher or Dr. Watkin at our clinic here in Libertyville, IL and if you live out of the area or have a loved one in another state give us a call for a referral to a natural health practitioner in your area who utilizes all these healing methods.

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