Brain Function


Understanding: The Amazing Brain
Definition - The section of the brain behind and below the cerebrum; this section coordinates muscular movement.
Context - Damage to the cerebellum could result in a loss of coordination.
cerebral cortex
Definition - The outer layer, or grey matter, of the cerebrum of the brain.
Context - The cerebral cortex is folded to increase the surface area available for nerve cells.
cerebral hemispheres
Definition - The two halves of the cerebrum.
Context - The left and right cerebral hemispheres are almost completely separated by a deep groove. They are connected at the base by a bundle of nerve fibres.
cerebrospinal fluid
Definition - A clear watery fluid produced in the cavities of the brain.
Context - Cerebrospinal fluid fills the brain cavities and the central canal of the spinal cord. It also surrounds and protects the brain.
Definition - The largest part of the brain, made up of the right and left hemispheres.
Context - The cerebrum is the part of the brain involved with memory, learning, thinking, reasoning, emotions and intelligence.
frontal lobe
Definition - The part of the cerebrum covered by the frontal bone. It contains areas that control speech, motor activities and higher intellectual and psychic functions.
Context - The frontal lobe is one of the four lobes of each cerebral hemisphere of the brain.
Definition - A nerve cell. The structural and functional unit of the nervous system consisting of the nerve cell body and all its processes (extensions).
Context - Neurons can be destroyed by the use of some drugs.


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