Kids who have:

  • had vaccinations
    • e.g. hepatitis shot has mercury which is a heavy metal poison that loves to settle in our brain and nerves
  • poor diets
    • high carbohydrates, soda pop, fast foods , processed foods because all of these contain additives which are foreign chemicals and are nutrient deficient
  • who have asthma, allergies, are always getting sick


  • who work in environments with chemicals
    • e.g. printing business, hairdressers and cosmeticians, painters
  • who smoke cigarettes, pipes, or yes even cigars.
  • who drink alcohol.
  • who use drugs and we are not just talking about illegal drugs like cocaine & marijuana.
    • drugs like blood pressure medications, diuretics, arthritis medication, cholesterol lowering drugs, Tylenol, Aspirin, caffeine.
  • who exercise
  • who have asthma, arthritis, liver, heart conditions, diabetes, hypoglycemia
  • who are depressed or anxious.
  • who are overweight and find it difficult to gain muscle and lose fat tissue.
  • women who are experiencing issues such as:
    • hormonal problems, PMS, abnormal painful periods, no periods, struggling with infertility, endometriosis, fibrocystic disease
  • men who are experiencing issues such as:
    • prostate problems, high PSA blood tests, impotence
  • senior citizens

BOTTOM LINE: The more mileage you put on the vehicle the more toxic the oil. A detox is like an oil change.

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