Fibromyalgia gets Personal

Maybe you should ask him or her the unasked question: Doctor, do you believe that I really have this pain I've described to you? Do you understand how severe it is and how it has turned my life upside down? How does it feel to have your doctor look at you as if your pain was invisible and only in your head, a fragment of your imagination? Oh I wish this were only a bad dream. The months of pain welling up from deep in the belly of your muscles, the nights of fitful sleep from which you often wake up more tired than when you went to bed. Moods that seem to swing deeper into depression each week. Weakness after activity and digestion that has turned into indigestion. Yet the lab tests come up empty, the x rays, MRI's and CT scans never revealed the phantom of your opera of pain. Oh yes, your condition does have a name...even if it isn't known or honored by your current team of doctors...fibromyalgia is real.

My own personal interest in this disorder comes at a high price. This cost has been paid by my best friend and my longtime companion, no not my dog, the best friend and lifelong companion I am talking about is my wife. After years of chronic fatigue we diagnosed her health nightmare as that invisible fiend fibromyalgia and its ghostly ghastly companion... chronic myofascial pain syndrome. Just call these two FMS and MPS for short even though they are anything but short in the time they hang around.

I'm committed to understanding the cause. But until then I'm searching and uncovering every old and new treatment for these devastating diseases and syndromes. My wife and every one of you listening who suffers from the grip of these medically invisible creators of pain deserves to be treated with honor, respect and the most effective treatments we can gather together. With the efforts of Drs like Devan Starlanyl through her book on Fibromyalgia and the many resources in natural medicine there is a brighter future ahead. I invite you, and you and you to take the next step and schedule a consultation with a doctor who understands fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome. Call our Health Quest hotline to connect with a doctor who cares. As far as it depends on me and the rest of us here at Health Quest...

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher with the...Other Side of the Story.