Tylenol, Toilet Paper & Other Drugs

Just pick up the newspaper this morning, oh I don't care which one...on any given day I bet we can find multiple articles about health. Here's one...

WASHINGTON (Nov. 14) - The Food and Drug Administration proposed Friday to require common, over-the-counter painkillers to carry warnings against taking the drugs in combination with alcohol.

Tylenol and other products containing acetaminophen could cause liver damage when taken by people who drink three alcoholic drinks or more daily, the FDA said. Aspirin, ibuprofen-containing drugs such as Advil, and other analgesics and antipyretics (which means those pills to fight fevers) could cause stomach bleeding.

Deputy FDA Commissioner Michael Friedman made this statement.''Consumption of excessive alcohol while taking pain relievers can be dangerous to your health,''

Now... the other side of the story is that just taking pain relievers even without alcohol can be... and is dangerous to your health.! Why? Because...Because Just a single dose of Tylenol uses up one half of our livers supply of sulfur. Now Sulfur 's absolutely necessary as the liver sticks sulfur to toxins & poisons making them harmless. The hidden truth in the FDAs message must be expanded, what is the FDA really saying? Consumption of pain relievers while exposed to alcohol or any other toxin can be dangerous to your health. but if they told the whole story those 100 or so little pills would require small print and a bottle with a label as big as a 5 gallon bucket to tell you all the reasons to not take tylenol or advil or even aspirin or any other prescription anti inflammatory or pain reliever.

I have an idea. Each medicine bottle could be inserted into a roll of toilet paper. The brand with the extra sheets should give enough writing surface to list all the cautions. Why so many cautions? Since these drugs use up a large portion of our livers detox capacity the labels should read, never use this drug in combination with being exposed to smoking (1st or 2nd hand), if you smell paint fumes, car exhaust, perfumes, aftershave, or if you live in a new home or old home with new carpet, furniture or paint which are outgassing toxins. Oh... no new cars and drugs... they don't mix, you know that great smell of a new car..toxins can often smell wonderful. Never use Tylenol if you work in an environment with chemicals, when you go to hairdressers, office's with copiers, have sprayed your home or office with insecticides. See why the toiler paper roll is a functional package for medicines?

A drug is a drug is a drug is a toxin. They all use up the precious little capacity of our body chemistry to detoxify. Decreasing our ability to detoxify does more than make our stomachs and intestines bleed. Prescription and over the counter drugs decrease our quality of life. So the message is simple... decrease drugs and increase the nutrients needed to produce greater capacity to detoxify. Better health thru better detoxification. And then we can let toilet paper serve the purpose it is was created for.

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher with the...Other Side of the Story.