PMS: We Men Should Be Angry

One of the symptoms of PMS is anger and irritability.

I 'm angry, so OK maybe I'm suffering from PMS this morning. I feel irritable as I remember The so called, hormone balancing that was being done to my daughter, wife and many others using synthetic and abnormal versions of the real goods. I'm frustrated because the real natural hormones are available, safer and more appropriate to my wife, daughter and all of you who were fortunate to be born a woman.

In my opinion, Malpractice or should I call it Femalpractice occurs daily in many doctors offices right here in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Doctors routinely are prescribing birth control pills as a treatment for PMS. My daughter became progressively worse with her monthly PMS symptoms after her gynecologist placed her on synthetic estrogens and progestins. She finally took matters in her own hands and just said NO to the drugs.

When my teenage girl asked dear old Dad here for help, I dug into the research and read books and consulted with the best Doctors in the field of hormone balancing. This lead to testing my daughters saliva to measure her estrogen, progesterone and testosterone 11 times over a month cycle. Her estrogen was high and off the charts in comparison to the paltry progesterone in her body. A month after using the Natragest, a transdermal skin lotion containing natural progesterone, my daughter questioned, Is this magic, will it last? I haven't ever felt this good before my period.

Why don't doctors test for hormone levels before prescribing? Why don't they use natural methods, like liver detoxification and natural replacement hormones to balance these amazing hormones? Now that is a mystery to me. What is clear is that God produces in nature the substances that serve us best.


For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher

with the...Other Side of the Story.