Unopened Gift

This morning lets take a little trip on Health Quest. Now each of us is going to a different destination...our childhood home. Let's travel back to a Christmas season past. The wreath is on the door, the stockings are hanging from the mantel over the fireplace...oh your childhood home didn't have a fireplace...well, yours were usually hanging from the same place every year right? And then there it is...over there in the living room...The brightly lit tree with the boughs covered with all sorts of ornaments...yes even the special one you made at school. All of the decorations seem to bring out that smell of pine tree...unless this was a christmas with the artificial tree. In that case mom or dad sprayed that smelly fake pine scent...yuk...always reminded me of the bathroom!!!

Over there...under the tree are the your curiosity gets the best of you. That's right...You are doing your best to figure out what's inside the packages with your name on the label. You size them up...lift them...mentally weighing the contents...gently shaking them up and down and side to side. Once in a while our guestimates and wishamates were right. But like our can't always tell what's inside until you open it up. Now I'm not talking surgery here. There are ways to look into this gift from God that we call our human body. Blood tests are like poking a whole into the box and peeking inside. Looking at the blood in a functional way, so we can predict our health at this Christmas and even future ones. Now we have another tool to use called a bioelectrical impedance instrument. With it we can look inside the package without even poking a hole. We can tell exactly what is in our human package, how much vitality, life force, healing potential... what size engine, how much frame, the amount of fluids inside and outside of our cells.

Too bad we didn't have methods like this when we were kids. We would never have been disappointed when we opened our Christmas gifts. Our guesses would have always been right. Well...are you going to guess about your most precious gift...your human body? Wouldn't you like to know what's inside...before a surgeon opens it up to find out?

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher with the...Other Side of the Story.