Side Effects Not in the PDR

There is a common side effect of all drugs that is not talked about. What do you think it is. Let your mind go on roam...are you picturing a skin rash? How about some good old fashioned diarrhea or its counterpart...the stuckness of constipation. Could it be a headache or stiff neck, back or achy joints. Well...these are all good choices and common side effects of drugs, but no...the common side effect of all drugs that isn't talked about is the nutrients that are stripped away and depleted by taking any medication. These vitamins, minerals and enzymes are used up in the process of processing and detoxifying any and all drugs.

Why do I think this little our little secret... is important to know about? Because many of us are already low in our reserves of the nutrients to produce the chemicals for detoxification. When we add the burden of drugs to our systems...well just think of it like the national debt and the budget deficit. We may be closer to personal health bankruptcy than we realize. Until our accounts get so low that the checks start bouncing...we seem to get away with our current lifestyle.

So if you want to build up a healthier health account in 1998...decrease the amount of drugs in your body...that means from the heavy hitting prescription drugs all the way to the simple ones like aspirin and tylenol. Did you know that 1 dose of tylenol uses up one half of your livers reserves of sulfur...and sulfur is absolutely essential for detoxification. Helps explain the recent news release warning not to give Tylenol to children with a flu or fever.

The good news of 1998 is that all of us are becoming more aware of natural healthcare, like chiropractic, nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicines and ways of supporting our bodies to produce health rather than fight disease. I have another secret for you...the most common side effect of doing a supervised detoxification is the repletion of those essential nutrients with a higher quality of life and health. Which side effect are you gonna choose?

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher with the...Other Side of the Story.