A Barbie Doll for a Boy? Giving is the Gift?

Wasn't it Socrates who said it is more blessed to give than receive? No...well maybe it was Hippocrates...the Father of Medicine or was it Santa Claus? Ok, Ok...I know it was Jesus who started all this gift giving tradition. Jesus knew something 2000 years ago that I observed this Christmas. Actually you probably experienced and observed this gift giving phenomenon over the past few days also.

Remember being with the family in the living room...everyone is very satisfied after the Christmas dinner. The little ones have reached the limits of their patience...from their viewpoint Christmas is for tearing open those packages...Christmas is for receiving and the more the better. The older kids and the teenagers have already begun to feel the gift of giving gifts we parents have known for years. I saw the look in their eyes as they gave their packages to me as a parent...and to their brothers, sisters and nana and papa. Those faces revealed their hopes that I and the others would appreciate the present. Whether it was made by their hands or purchased with their limited funds...the question in their eyes was? Do I matter, do you appreciate me...do I belong?

My son and daughter in law had instructed our grandson Anthony to be thankful for whatever gift he received no matter his initial 7 year old response. His uncle Adam tested that ability by giving Anthony a Barbie Doll. Well Anthony passed the test and was even grateful for a Barbie. How about you? Did you give everyone a hearfelt thanks for their gift of giving?

Here at Health Quest... Dr. Kolbaba and I come to you each week with a gift. Like your family and friends we are hoping that our gift to you matters and you have heard the message of love in each of the 52 programs we have wrapped and allowed you to unwrap as you listen. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to experience the blessing that Jesus promised...it really is more blessed to give than to receive.

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher

with the...Other Side of the Story.