Unsung Bony Hero

When it comes to the bones...osteoporosis gets the fame, glory and top billing. The headline in this weeks paper reads...It's never too early for prevention and never too late for treatment. The startling statistics that one half of all women over 55 will have a bone fracture and right this minute 20 million American women and 5 million American men have osteoporosis. The writes goes on to say that the most disturbing statistic of all is that a whopping 77% of women who have osteoporosis don't even know they have it.

What the article failed to mention is that any woman or man who has osteoporosis has another condition of the bones which only a chiropractor can diagnose and treat. This unsung hero of the bones is the spinal subluxation. The most disturbing statistic about this state of our bones is that over 80% of Americans have a subluxation and don't even know they have it. The vertebral subluxation is a misalignment of the vertebra in the spine and a lack of motion of the spinal bones. This creates nerve interference. When it's severe we call it a pinched nerve which not even the most stoic of humans can ignore. When its less severe we may experience the subluxation as a headache, or we may get a case of the tinglies in our arms, hands, legs or toes. We may just have a stiff neck or sore back...or notice difficulty in remembering or feel like a fog has rolled into and filled our head. Another disturbing fact about this unsung condition of the bones is that it doesn't just affect mature adults...many times our first subluxation occurs at birth. Here it often shows itself as an unhappy baby with colic or upset intestines with cramping and diarrhea. So the vertebral subluxation can affect 100% of Americans from the cradle to the grave. What is the cost of a subluxation? It costs us in terms of our quality of life and our quality of health. Like osteoporosis...when it comes to subluxations of our spine...It's never too early for prevention and never too late for treatment.

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher with the...Other Side of the Story.