Gingko, Hillary and It Takes A Family

Yesterday as I was reviewing the nutritional one liners in the January issue of Clinical Pearls...I realized that it takes a family. Now I know this goes against Hillary's grain with her concept and book titled, It takes a Village. Perhaps she, like too many others has not been part of a healthy family unit.

When I read that ginkgo biloba reduces the affects of Alzheimer's disease and improves memory, I know that the gink is not a fantasy movie hero like Arnold Swarzenegger saving the world all by itself. Gingko needs a family of nutrients with all of the antioxidants including the familiar vitamins A,C &E. The gink requires the support of the whole family of flavinoids found in the brightly colored fruits and vegetables. The family extends out to sea and gets a little smelly with our bodies and ginks need of the omega 3 essential fatty acids from cold water fish.

Just like the gink, you and I were created to be part of a family. Our healthy function and growth depends on other human beings. When long term studies of populations have been analyzed there has been surprise, upset and even denial in the scientific community. Alongside nutrition, one of the most important factors in maintaining health and preventing disease is... You guessed takes a family. In all of our double blind studies with drugs and even nutrition...we have been blind to our inborn need for social connection and interaction with other members of the human family. It takes a family, the nuclear immediate family. It takes a social family and the church has been proven to serve this function.

If you are already giving your family the best is a pat on the back from your radio clinical nutritionist. Nutrition means the same as nurture. How is your nurture of the family relationships. The doctor can't heal this gap in your healthcare...but you can. A prescription from me...Every morning when you awake remember...It takes a family. Play your part for without and your family are heading towards disease, with you, your course is in the direction of health.

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher

with the...Other Side of the Story.