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Yesterday I went up to our front desk between seeing patients and was pleasantly surprised to see Julie and her miracle 10 year old daughter Rachel at the reception desk. 11 years ago Julie came to see me with headaches, chronic fatigue and low back pain. During the course of taking her history she related 8 years of fertility treatments with no babies resulting from all of the expenses, drugs and invasive therapies. When I asked Julie if she still wanted to have a baby, she looked at me like I must be kidding. She was 41 years old and with all that modern medicine could throw at her body she still was without child and had given up the idea of ever being a mother. I just looked her in the eyes and said, “If you follow my health coaching recommendations you will be pregnant in 4 months.” Her treatment plan included chiropractic spinal adjustments to improve the nerve function and communication between her brain and the spinal nerves to the uterus, ovaries and adrenal glands…a supervised nutritional detoxification program using HealthE-Clear, a patented medical food to support the liver and detox throughout the body…and acupuncture treatments to balance the flow of Chi or energy. Well 4 months later she no longer had headaches, her back pain was gone, energy was restored and she was pregnant with a baby girl. That baby girl Rachel is now 10 and was smiling back at me from our clinic’s front desk as her mom told the story of her miracle birth to other patients and my staff. It made my day to think of the part I was blessed to play in the creation of this young girls life. There are many other miracle babies that are living today because of what we do in our clinic and I would like to elaborate further regarding the role acupuncture plays in our health.
I was blessed to be one of the first university trained acupuncturists at the National University of Health Sciences in 1975. Having practiced the art and science of acupuncture before it was a popular trend for the past 34 years I am even more convinced of its value as a natural form of energy medicine. It is amazing to realize acupuncture has been used to treat disease and create health in human beings for over 5000 years now. So if you have ever wondered about acupuncture being just a fad…well I don’t know of any fad that has lasted more than a few years let alone thousands. This ancient yet current up to date healing modality of acupuncture is safe, natural and effective. Millions of people can testify to their own experience of the benefits of meridian therapy aka acupuncture.
If acupuncture can help make it possible for a 41 year old woman to have a child when modern medicine failed miserably…then what else might this natural healing method make possible?
How about chronic low back pain? Teamed up with chiropractic spinal adjustments, acupuncture is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Those slender hair size thickness surgical steel needles are a powerful force when placed in the special spinal acupuncture points. These points are adjacent to the spine and are called Huatuojiaji points or HJ points as we fondly refer to them in our office. Hua Tuo Jiaji (jia = lining; ji = spine), are located in a row along side the spine, bilaterally and there are 24 of them from the neck to the low back and pelvis/sacrum.
How about chronic or acute neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain? Again the needling of these HJ points along with specific spinal adjustments to those vertebra in the neck is a winning combination. Treating the HJ points between the spinal vertebra affects the muscles between the spinal bones to relax them and reduce the compression of the discs and resulting nerve pressure. So we just answered another question…can acupuncture help with bulging or herniated discs in the neck and back? That’s a resounding yes in our experience.
What about headaches? Next to chiropractic adjustments of the upper vertebra in the neck…acupuncture is the next best way to relieve headaches and stop taking all that nasty liver/kidney damaging Tylenol.
What about health promotion and preventative medicine? Acupuncture is a front runner here also. We recommend to our patients that they schedule a seasonal acupuncture treatment 4 times a year. Since we do not live at or near the equator, we experience quite a change in the weather from season to season with Jack Frost getting too much of the action in my opinion. As the earth moves on its axis away from the sun in the fall, the days get shorter and cooler. At the same time the electromagnetic field (EMF) that surrounds us slows down also…going from 8 pulses per second in the summer to 5.5 pulses per second in the fall. In the northern latitudes of Illinois we move even further from the sun in the winter and the days get really short and really cold as the electromagnetic field surrounding us diminishes to a measly 2.5 pulses per second. In the spring this pulse increases to 5.5 Hertz as new life springs forth with blossoms, leaves and baby birds and animals are born. This change in the EMF each season is an energy stress on our bodies. It is as if the body has to change the internal thermostats and then winterize to summerize our chemistry, hormones, blood flow etc. We already have more than enough stress physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and electromagnetically without this additional stress of the seasonal change. Have you ever wondered why we get colds and flu in the fall and winter? This energy stress/imbalance is one of the major factors along with decreased levels of Vitamin D from lack of sunshine in the fall and winter. Why do allergies flare seasonally and why do your muscle and joints ache more in the fall and winter? I think by now you know the answer. Hence you, me, all of us benefit from the healing and balancing effects of a seasonal acupuncture treatment 4 times a year.
So maybe you want to have that first child which seems impossible…think acupuncture. Maybe you want to feel more energy…think acupuncture. Perhaps a day without pain seems impossible…think acupuncture.
Oh yes, summer just started and both Dr. Watkin and myself are here for your seasonal acupuncture treatment. See you soon…I have already had my summer session.



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