Living Matrix & FSM

The Living Matrix

Morpheus said, “If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” There is truth in this statement from one of my favorite movies…The Matrix. We do have a system in our bodies which has been named the Living Matrix. It is the only system of our bodies that touches every cell and every other system in our flesh and blood bodies. Nerves do not touch every cell and even our blood vessels at the tiniest sizes in the capillaries do not touch the cells. The Matrix does indeed bind us together like an amazing spider web. Doing much more than just a supporting role as has been taught regarding this connective Tissue or ground substance which is the space between each and every one of our cells…this system is a living system that allows almost instantaneous communication of our body internally and also externally with our environment. It is most likely where our gut instincts come from. Also it is most likely the antenna picking up whether we immediately are drawn to the stranger entering the room or for some unknown reason have an immediate dislike for someone we have never met. The living matrix also makes the difference between being a duffer and a Tiger Woods…from being a pick up game player to a Michael Jordan. Since the matrix is capable of receiving 11 million pieces of information a second at the speed of light…it far outshadows our nerve system which filters out most of these signals and travels at a speed of 400 feet per second. A person who is in touch with and has a well developed matrix will become the superstars in every field…from sports to music etc. They perform at a faster than conscious thought level.

Single celled organisms like amoeba do not have a nerve system. Yet an amoeba moves toward food and moves away from toxins and danger. How can this be with no nerve tissue? Well they are awesomely designed with a supporting network of tubules within the single cell amoeba. This is the same connective tissue structure that is within our cells and extends outside of our cells…connecting every cell, tissue, organ and gland in a seamless spider like web. With studies of this living matrix it has been found to be a crystalline like material that is a semi-conductor of electrical currents. It is the same type of material that we use in computers to process, store and transfer information. In fact our body is an amazing biocomputer made possible by this electron and proton conduction living matrix.

Our Matrix also is a place the body stores toxins. Whether they are noxious chemicals produced as a by product of our everyday living process or whether they are NSBBNC Never Seen Before By Nature Chemicals like drugs or industrial wastes or chemical additives to our foods…our body has to place them somewhere when it cannot process all of them right now. The place deemed safer than placing them in the cells of our brain or heart for example happens to be between our cells in the tinker toy like structures of the matrix. Over time placing these toxins will slow down and interfere with the signaling of our matrix. This means it will begin to cause dysfunction and disease. Perhaps this is one reason that prescription drugs may not show side effects initially but will begin to cause problems after taking them for months and years as they gunk up the information highways in our connective tissue/living matrix.

One of the benefits of FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent is that it promotes and allows the release of toxins from our matrix. This is why we recommend our patients drink adequate water before and after a microcurrent treatment. Water of course is important to the function of our Living Matrix as the water molecules cover the collagen fibers in our matrix allowing for the transfer of protons and electrons/energy and information.

So our understanding of the Living Matrix is an ongoing story and we will add to this article as more information is discovered. In the meantime please find a healthcare provider who is trained in the use of FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent. FSM is your Matrix’s best friend. In northern Illinois and Lake County Dr. Dana Pletcher and Dr. Jeff Watkin are professionals trained in the use of FSM.


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