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FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Somewhere along the course of history medical science took a left when it should have went right. At a critical fork in the road of understanding the human body…early scientists got the notion that chemistry in the body was King. Not surprising as the alchemists were busy trying to turn lead into gold. The best-known goals of these early scientific explorers were the transmutation of common metals into gold (called chrysopoiea) or silver. They were also into plant alchemy and also like the pharmaceutical companies of today… the creation of the ultimate panacea or elixir of life… a remedy that supposedly would cure all diseases and prolong life for almost forever and maybe achieving immortality.

If they would have taken the right turn at that critical fork in the road they would have discovered that it is Energy/electrons and protons that are King. The energy information highway in the body supercedes and drives the chemistry. This is why when we drown the cells of our body with a drug in the treatment of an ailment…there are always side effects and toxicity. We would be much further along in our understanding and treatment of disorders and diseases if we would have never taken that left turn hundreds of years ago.

The good news is that we are beginning to understand the priority of energy medicine to our health. One of these modalities that supplies our cells with extra free electrons and protons is FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent.  A revolutionary new way of treating nerve and muscle pain and other conditions. Using frequency specific resonance to remove pathologies and repair tissue. Using micro amperage current to increase energy production in the cells and bring tissue to a new energy state. The body overjoyed to have a new found abundance of electrons/energy and sends them right into the repair fields of the body with ultimate wisdom.

The history of FSM includes the intitial frequencies developed by doctors in the early 1900’s and these were used with electromagnetic therapy devices. These EM therapies were confiscated by the FDA and discontinued in 1934 for reasons deemed unscientific. Research and treatments stopped but resonance research continued in biophysics. The frequencies were still available but the equipment was confiscated by the well meaning but mislead government agency. In 1995 2 chiropractic physicians (Dr Carolyn McMakin and Dr. George Douglas) began to experiment with frequencies obtained from a retired physician  and used these with microcurrent. In 1996 myofasical pain was treated with frequencies and microcurrent. After getting very credible results treating myofascial pain Dr McMakin taught the  first 2 day course to other doctors to determine if the treatment outcomes were reproducible by others. By June 1997 it was apparent that these desirable outcomes treating myofascial pain syndromes were reproducible and the modern era of FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent was born.

By 1999 when I, Dr. Pletcher, was fortunate to study with Dr. McMakin…she had developed effective treatment for neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia from cervical trauma and Dr. McMakin even was invited to present these findings at the NIH National Institutes of Health. I was so impressed that I subsequently took my associate Dr. Jeff Watkin and our staff to be trained in this new energy medicine modality.

In her research Dr. McMakin proved that energy indeed is in control of chemistry. Levels of chemicals in our bodies related to pain and inflammation decreased in almost unbelievable amounts with the application of the proper frequencies and microcurrent. These included chemicals like decreasing IL-1 interleukin 1, TNF-alpha, substance P, and increasing beta endorphin, cortisol and serotonin.

Such amazing results begs the question…how does FSM microcurrent as an energy medicine change the hormones and chemistries of the body and relieve pain and improve function? We know research has revealed that FSM current of 50 to 500 milliamperes increased ATP production 500% and ATP adenosine triphospate is the bodies chemical energy currency. In addition FSM has been shown to have increased protein synthesis 70% and also increased cell transport 40%. Now how do you think your body would feel about these effects? Pretty happy and pretty responsive as the body knows how to heal if it is given the resources and FSM is energy and information resources.

We do know now after these past 18 years that the clinical Response is Frequency Specific and that the frequency effect seems to match description of the specific frequency used. For example the frequency specific for Hemorrhage stops bleeding and pain in menses and bruising after trauma. The Fibrosis frequency increases range of motion but doesn’t reduce pain.The “Mineral ion deposits”  frequency softens tissue or as Dr. McMakin says makes it go SMOOSH while reducing pain. Our favorite frequency is the classic one for “Inflammation” and it reduces pain but no improvement in the ranges of motion seem to occur.  All Inflammation is present in the tissue not only as a biochemical phenomenon…inflammation is also present as an electromagnetic pattern. This inflammation pattern can be neutralized by applying a pattern which is its opposite. All of this said just to say…FSM is very Frequency Specific. It is as if every condition and every tissue, gland and organ has a frequency that it dances to and resonates to a higher level of energy and health.

Since our bodies living tissues are made up of biochemical’s and these biochemicals are put together to form a biochemical bioelectric system. Our body is an electromagnetic system that appears solid but functions as a semiconductor network …yes just like a computer…a living biocomputer network. This living biocomputer network conveys and stores current, charge and vibrational information. Living matter is highly organized and exceedingly sensitive to the information conveyed by coherent signals…Each cell tissue and organ has an ideal resonant frequency that coordinates its activities.”  Says James Oschman, PhD. Like singing a note that shatters a crystal glass. You can find out more about this by reading the book Energy Medicine by Dr. Oschmann. I also was at a conference on FSM at which Dr. Oschmann spoke and he said, “FSM microcurrent can do anything a drug can do and do it without side effects. In fact FSM microcurrent can do what no drug can ever do.”

In our clinic as in the hundreds of others using FSM we have treated kidney stone pain, shingles, headaches, concussion, fibromyalgia, nerve pain, IBS etc. The other part of this awesome story is that as Dr. McMakin often says, “FSM can’t hurt…might help…why not give it a try?” There are no lasting or bad side effects. We encourage our patients to drink adequate water before and after microcurrent treatment. One of the benefits of certain frequencies is to allow the release of toxins stuck in the connective tissue aka our living matrix. So if a patient has a fair amount of toxins stored in his matrix and does not drink adequate water following a treatment…well there may be a headachy flu like reaction for a few hours and will be gone by the next day.

So to summarize FSM Micrcurrent… increases ATP/energy, reduces pain and stress, increases the rate of healing, enhances cell membrane potential, supports liver detoxification pathways, supports adrenal function and if that isn’t enough…it reduces inflammation.

Do you want to really know what I think about FSM microcurrent? I love this method of energy medicine…it is awesome and it is the best friend of your Living Matrix. If you or a loved one live in another part of the country from our office you can find an FSM practitioner or to learn more about FSM microcurrent you can go to the official website at www.frequencyspecific.com

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