Vitamin D Heart Disease and Strokes

Vitamin D deficiency linked to strokes, heart disease: study

The latest studies are now connecting Vitamin D insufficiency to heart disease and stroke. Looking at 27,686 Utah patients aged 50 or older with no history of cardiovascular disease, the study found those with very low vitamin D levels were 77 percent more likely to die early than those with normal levels.

They were also found to be 45 percent more likely to develop coronary artery disease and 78 percent were more likely to have a stroke, said the research by the Heart Institute at the Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City.

Those with very low levels of vitamin D were twice as likely to develop heart failure, said the study which was due to be presented later Monday at a conference organized by the American Heart Association in Orlando, Florida.

Now this is significant and may be one of the main reasons that in my opinion…God did not choose the Garden of Eden to be located in Illinois or any of the northern American or European countries. This is further proof that living in areas of less sunshine is not healthy. So what can you do other than move south? Take a quality source of Vitamin D and also enough quantity of this vitamin D to be therapeutic and mimic living closer to the equator where the Garden of Eden is suspected to have been.

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