Socks & Fruit of the Loom Gifts

Last night while driving past some of those homes. The ones with the sparkling lites and dazzling Christmas decor, my wife Cheryls eyes became misty and her voice tone changed as she told me how her parents used to pack up all the kids in the car. They would say, "Lets go out for a drive tonight and see all the homes dressed up in their Christmas finest." I could tell we had just struck the chord of a touching family legacy. Years ago, it seems like not long after our children were running around without diapers, my wife began a tradition. The practice of giving each of our 2 boys and our daughter certain gifts at Christmas. At the time these were the special packages that were brightly decorated like all the rest, yet when opened each child in turn would say, "gee thanks for the socks and the underwear'. Then hurry to the next package hoping it were a Star Wars Toy or the latest cabbage patch doll. Have you noticed how the latest fad toys change from year to year? Lately it was the beanies and Power Rangers that could not be found. Now our children are 18 21 and 25 years young and something has changed. When Mom told them no socks this year, it was as if she said there was going to be no Christmas. These days, they are asking for the brightly colored packages, the ones with no sound inside to give you clues when you shake them. That's right! They are looking forward to their underwear and sock gifts at Christmas. We have discovered the undergarment and sock tradition which has been born and nurtured in the hearts of our kids. Could it be that these and all other gifts are valued only because they are an attempt to speak the language of love to those we care about? Who would have guessed that our children treasure our family traditions so much? The quickest way to find out what your children have come to value in your efforts at Christmas is to tell them you are going to stop doing it. You may be surprised to discover the depth of the simple and your efforts have not been in vain. These days when you and I feel pressured by the finances and what to buy, could we stop. Stop and know, that our real intention behind any gift we give, is to say, " I love you, I value you and just wanted to let you know how important you are to me." That is what my wife and you ,the many parents who make up WE have done for our kids each Christmas including the one to come. We all need traditions and Christ gave us this one special time of year to say I love you, even with the most ordinary gift of Fruit of the Loom and multicolored socks or a family drive to see all the brightly decorated homes.

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