Holiday Empty Seat Syndrome

Who wasn't sitting in that empty seat? You know the one I mean. The empty ones at your Christmas table. I have become a student of the creation called a human being. The story of a number of we creatures this Christmas is one of survival. My observation is that I could divide us into 2 camps. The survivors and the servers of another Christmas. I had the opportunity to be present at 3 family gatherings over the Christmas Holiday. I am the oldest of 7 children and no matter which math you learned, I could only come up with the number 5. In the past we would kid around about how my brother wasn't there because he had to rotate the shocks on his car or he was busy handling an emergency/ defrosting the freezer. This year it was easy to accept that the two empty seats were because of a virus who didn't believe in holidays. Getting together with the other side of the family, the Kolbabas, now, can you imagine that one? No, They aren't all like Dr. Kolbaba. Well Ed & Ruth had a litter of 5 and no matter how I calculated, there was only 3 fingers answering the count. One vacant seat was easy to account for, they live in Canada and it was distance separating us. The other empty seat was not so easy to accept as it was the outcome of a divorce and the discomfort of being around the rest of the family. I will always remember one of my patients and the holiday empty seat syndrome. Every Christmas would find Bernice in her bedroom. No, not banished to her room because she had been naughty, Bernice came to my office with a 30 year history of headaches. These were the headaches that put you in bed. It would be easy to make a judgement that Bernice just had a problem in her head with family at the holidays. Actually she had a problem that was close to her head. It was the atlas, the first vertebra in the neck which holds up our head. After exam and X-rays I found a subluxation of this first vertebra in the neck which causes nerve pressure and interference and some terrific headaches. A course of chiropractic adjustments have banished Bernices headaches to whereever they go when not it our heads. For the first time in 30 years Bernices seat is occupied at the family Christmas table. Why do you show up at the family Christmas? Why do you stay home and avoid the family get together? Is it a headache or a heartache? Why do you fill your seat at the family table or why is your seat empty? If you were the observer of an empty seat or two this Christmas, have you called those who were not sitting there? Have you told them how much you missed them? I have a couple of calls to make myself this weekend. How about you?

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