Losing Game

He that loses his life shall find it Well its' here again. Once a year it arrives. Every year it comes. The day that reminds us of the closing of 12 months and 365 days. We celebrated New Years with close family and friends. For the past 10 New years eves we have stayed up well past the countdown on television and the fireworks. The nieces and nephew look forward to New Years at Uncle Danas and Aunt Cheryls. It has become a family tradition to stay up all night playing games. Even though the females have won the pictionary super bowl most years, we guys still keep playing. Yes, there can be fun and even winning at losing. What do you have to lose this year? For some of us it is the obvious we are trying to lose? Our temple has become larger than healthy. We can no longer hide the extra tissues in the sloppy shirts and blouses and the baggy pants. Fat is what we must lose this year. For others of us our need to lose is not so obvious, but can still be observed with a body composition test. Those bathroom scales may say your weight is the same as when you werre married but any self respecting cannibal can tell the difference. Yes, We are the ones that make the cannibals mouth water because our steaks have become well marbled with juicy fat. Some of us have developed a fat head. Can you picture how big our head has grown. We could stand to go on a low-pride diet. Maybe someday we will develop a high technology instrument to measure the pride of a fat head. The truth is that each of us has something to lose this coming year. Truth is that you and I both know what that something is. It takes losing the busy business we are caught up in to hear that still quiet voice Be still and know that I am God applies here. Be still and know what it is that you and I need to lose. Let's lose like a winner and may our losses begin today.

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher with the...Other Side of the Story.