No Miracle Cures, Colloidals

We will offer no miracle cures on Health Quest. Have you heard the latest advertisements offering weight loss by taking a pill or potion? Of course you need do nothing else!!! No increase in your physical activity or exercise is required. Certainly no need to alter your eating habits. Just call this 800 number and oh yes, just have your credit card number ready. How many Dead Doctors Don't Lie tapes have you received? I think my collection has grown to 26 with the one in last weeks mail. Until this week I had held my opinion and my tongue. An article in The Alernative Medicine journal confirmed what my gut feelings have been rumbling and upset about. They claim in the Dead Doctors tape that colloidal minerals are more soluble than any other form. This is really confusing. There are only 2 options: either a liquid is a colloidal suspension or it's a solution. A colloidal supension is insoluble by definition. How can insoluble be soluble? Hmmm!!!! The companies selling these mineral colloid solutions also claim that they contain all of the 92 trace minerals. Seems odd that an independent lab analysis could find only 13 and in smaller amounts than stated on the labels. Hmmm!!! A bonus of these miracle colloidal minerals is also 1,800 to 4,400 parts per million of aluminum. Seems to me that aluminum and Alzheimers disease go together. Hmmm. Most of these colloidal minerals are from clay in the Utah desert. Isn't that where we exploded those nuclear atomic bombs in the 50's? Hmmm Do you notice your bottle glowing in the dark too? Do you feel that tickle in your ear? The marketers have learned how to tickle them to the tune of billions of dollars. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The latest potion or pill must conform to the principles God put in place at the time of your creation. There is a way which is right and a road that leads to health and wellness. Health Quest is here to support you and light the way. We will offer no miracle cures on Health Quest. Mt.10:27 "What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops.

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher with the...Other Side of the Story.