Present & Accounted For

As I looked towards the rising sun this morning, I wondered how far is the east from the west anyway? Picture with me one of the best hugs you have ever received. Can you feel the press of another human being and yours coming together in the innocence of sharing these miracles we call bodies? Did you just picture the hug of another man or another women? No matter although in our culture it probably was easier to picture the opposite gender. My current recall was that of a woman I'll call Katy and the ending of her visit to my office this week. Her hug was genuine, and you remember how those feel. I asked her, 'are you giving your husband squeezes like this?' After a pause she replied, "No I guess I don't. I seem to remember all the times he came home late from drinking and his alcohol problems. If I hugged him fully, well I guess I am afraid to because he might start drinking again." I replied, 'how about celebrating his past 6 weeks without a drink. Do you think your not hugging him now in this present moment will help him to stay sober, or might your holding back even contribute to his looking for his needs in a bottle?' God is calling you and me to be in this present moment? Come with me for a moment to this moment, no not that one yesterday, no, no, no: not that mythical one in the scariest place of all, called the future. Be with me right here and right now. When I leave this present moment, my wife sure knows, in a heartbeat. She will ask, 'Dana, where are you now, you are getting weird again.' God forgive me for all those minutes I have dishonored my kids, and my wife, my friends and even my patients. There I am again, dishonoring them and myself for not being fully present and fully alive in this moment. My intention is to be with me and you in the kingdom of heaven at hand which is in the eternal now. So, How far is the east from the west? When I think about it, Jesus prayed, God may we be one with you as he is in me. Forgetting the past and forgoing the future for the blessing in the now. And that means right now! As for me, I want to be present and accounted for. How about you? Even God can only hug you and I in this current second, there can you feel it? Go and share it, for I have discovered when you give a hug you always get one!!!

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher with the...Other Side of the Story.