Valentine Flashbacks

Driving home from our Valentines dinner last week I asked my wife: do you ever wonder about your first special valentine? Where are they now? What turns has their life taken? For her, she remembered Harry Huddleston and the song she wrote about him. Why she even was able to recite the words. Gosh It's embarassing but I'm a little jealousCheryl never penned a song about Dana Q.

My flashback was to the cute little girl with the blond hair. Whatever happened to little Kathy Shupert? Yes, little Kathy Shupert in the 3rd grade had become my first special Valentine. When school pictures came out I made sure to get one of hers.

Mrs. Dixon my third grade teacher made sure each of her students had a list. There were 26 students counting myself in her class. Back then at the still innocent age of 8, Mom helped us sign all of those little cards. Back then We didn't discriminate. Mom and our teacher helped us make sure that no one was left outwe signed our name to all 26 of those funny little Valentines cards. The next morning, With a big grin on our face we traded those precious little Valentines cards with each and every classmate. Secretly of course, I wanted to give my heart to little Kathy Shupert.

Life has gone on since the third grade, and God has given me many opportunities to give others a Valentine. What is a true Valentine? Every time I ask the questionWhat would love do now? And then act on the answer I've given a Valentine of another Kind, a love of another Kind. It's a heartfelt acknowledgement of the others in my life. It's an encouraging word. It's to help bring forth the best in you and I.

Actually, Jesus started the Valentine tradition when he told you and I to love one another. NoWe aren't in the 3rd grade anymore, so our teacher and mom aren't going to do it for us. Who is on your list? Your class of life list. A spouse, your kids, those co-workers, next door neighbors, the friends at church and school. How about remembering each of them daily with a Virtual Valentine Card. You and I are that Virtual Living Valentine. Show up to play today, show up with heartlike you did in the 3rd grade. BTWwho was your first special Valentine?

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher with the...Other Side of the Story.