Beginning with the End in Mind

This morning you and I are going on an adventure. Picture yourself riding along in a big white stretch limousine. You have no idea of your destination, but like a little kid in a candystore: you are having fun: playing the stereo, channel surfing the tv set, making free cellular long distance phone calls. Before you know it your driver is pulling up to what looks like a chapel, yes it's a church. The chauffeur opens your door and he motions for you to step out. It's a beautiful day as you feel the warmth of the sun on your face and as you walk towards the church you hear the cooing of a white dove in the distance.

Entering the sanctuary you are surprised by the sight of your favorite cousins, and yes, all of your aunts and uncles are sitting together over there. Your children and your neighbors are here too. Why even your best friends from church are congregated there in the far pews. You can hardly wait til after the service to visit with the cousins and friends of your carefree kid days. Funny, how they don't return your smile. They actually seem to be ignoring you. Oh well, maybe they're upset because you haven't visited or written to them in years.

The ushers are now inviting people up front, row by row, and you realize this is a funeral service you are attending. Anxious to know who passed on, you patiently wait your turnyou overhear others whispering something about how tragic and unexpected the heart attack was and then as you step up to the coffin you come face to face with yourself. This is your memorial service.

You take your seat and and it seems like an eternity until Everyone finishes viewing your spiritless body. A close family member, your pastor, a friend, and a coworker are each going to give your eulogies. Now the catch isyou are going to write what they say about your life. What do you want them to tell the world and all of these special people about you? Congratulations, You just connected with your highest values. If you had that heart attack today, is what you would write what they will say at your funeral? If not, you and I have the opportunity to come back to the living, NOW and make better choices. Beginning with the end in mind helps you and I check and see if we are on course. On course, to live the life which will please our Heavenly Father and be one of joy and abundance for us. BTW your homework for this week write those 4 eulogies, those 4 essays and then begin to live up to them.

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher with the...Other Side of the Story.