Sheep, Clones and Our Genetic Potential

Once upon a time there live a Monk named Mendel. As usual for a monk, Mendel had a great amount of time alone, so he enjoyed spending hours on end in his garden. This particular sect of Monks must have had a taste for peas because Mendel raised so many that he noticed patterns in the pods and peas he grew. Out of Mendels observations and garden was born the science of genetics. Science and medicine came to believe that not only our hair texture, eye color were determined by our genes, but our life, health and disease were fixed, locked in the stone of our chromosomes. Once our cells developed from their baby, primitive embryonic state into muscles, eyes, intestines and pancreas...we were taught that once a small intestine cell, always a small intestine cell. Just as the small intestine serves as a barrier to partially digested foods and toxins, there needs to be a barrier to partial digested truth or toxic truth.

The recent experiments in cloning that now famous sheep digested Mendels partial truth about genetics. Taking a fully developed and differentiated mammary cell from the breast of a female sheep, the researchers placed this solitary cell in a nutrient deprived broth or agar. In this state of nutritional deficiency, the cell went to sleep and then reverted back to its embryonic state. Next the scientists took a cell from a black faced Ewe and removed the nucleus out of this cell. Sort of a cellular brainectomy... they extracted all the chromosomes and genetic material. Picture these 2 cells Lying next to each other and unlike Gods plan with a sperm and egg...nothing happened. So then the researchers placed an electrical current thru the cells and zappo...the 2 cells merged into one and the clone of the sheep began to divide, just like a newly fertilized egg and went on to become an exact clone or replica of the first sheep.

This experiment hit me right between the eyes. A majority of we Americans are performing our own sheep cell like experiment. We are living and bathing our cells in a nutrient deprived broth or environment called our body. In this state of nutritional insufficiency, cells revert back to their primitive state and begin to divide rapidly like an embryo is supposed to. This is what we refer to as a tumor, like intestinal cancer or degenerative disease.

A Baby is like a tumor in the mother, albeit a tumor with a plan, and may drain the mother for a time. A cancer is a tumor without a plan and destroys its host. The truth of the clone experiment is that genetics is not fixed in stone. Genetics is completed with nutrition. There are multiple yous and mes that we can be. You and I have pluripotentiality. How we express our genetic potential is determined by the nutritional environment we bath our cells and genes in. If you don't. like the results of your personal experiment so far...give us a call at Health Quest and no, we won't clone you. We will coach you to get the most and best potential of the miracle God has given you in your genes and chromosomes.

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher with the...Other Side of the Story.