Eat Like a Bird

One of the pleasures of springtime is to wake up to the music of the birds. From the cooing of a dove to the caw of the crow, it is a pleasing symphony. These fine feathered creatures of flight seem to be blessed with the ability to know which foods in nature are helpful and which are harmful. God designed a bitter taste into some berries which tell the birds to spit it out right now--do not pass the throat. Into some seeds or flowers He placed a smell or odor which shouts to the animal--don't even think about tasting this--contains chemicals hazardous to your health.

How Kyolic figured out how to remove the smell from garlic and keep all the benefits is a wonder to me. I wonder even more over the scientists ability to add to our food chain. Thinking we are wise by knowing which tastes drive our cravings, food processors now compete to trick our palates. Titillating our taste buds overrides our natural instincts to eat what is best for us. Instead we are consuming greater quantities of what I call non-food,while creating nutritional insufficiencies. What do you think would happen if we added a tempting taste to those poisonous berries? Over time would we be hearing less of the springtime bird sonata. Maybe there would be many more bird fatalities than those caught by the grills in our cars, or snared by those neighborhood cats? Until next week, my advice is to eat like a bird and fly a little higher. The view from up above always is better.

For HealthQuest Longevity Center...This is Dr. Dana Pletcher with the...Other Side of the Story.