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Dr. Dana Q. Pletcher, D.C.
November 12, 2019


The Super Bowl comes up in a couple of weeks and can you imagine the New England Patriots saying we have the greatest quarterback Tom Brady and he’s going to take the field by himself and single-handedly defeat the Rams even thought he is quoted as saying he is the greatest quarterback! That is right….CAN YOU IMAGINE one great quarterback against the whole Rams team offense and defense. This is like saying CBD from the hemp marijuana plant can take care of all the conditions in your health and your body and win by itself. You’ll have to excuse my sports analogy yet I think it’s the most appropriate when it comes to talking about CBD and how remarkably popular it’s become everywhere.

 The truth is CBD may be the quarterback but it is just one of 113+ cannabinoids found in the hemp marijuana plant. There is CBC,CBA, CBG etc. and our course THC which alone causes the stoned effect of marijuana. Most of the products being advertised and sold will say CBD on the bottle and that’s like saying Tom Brady by himself is in this bottle and can win in your body like you could win the Super Bowl by himself. Truth is in Israel were much of the major research has been done has proven that there is an Entourage effect of the 113+ cannabidiol’s. Together these form and play as a World Class team to win the Super Bowl in your body and my body.

In doing my due diligence and research regarding hemp I have read 4 of the most current and reliable books regarding the research that’s been done. After my research… for myself family and patient I’ve chosen to use the complete hemp extract from the Charlottes Web Company in Colorado. You may of heard the story of the little girl Charlotte Figi who by age 5 was suffering up to 300 grand mall seizures a week so severe that her heart even stopped several times. Her Parents and Doctors had tried every drug known to man with her condition which is called Dravets syndrome and nothing helped. The parents sought out the Stanley Brothers who were marijuana growers in Colorado and decided to try an extract of the marijuana cannabis plant which was created for them by the Stanley Brothers in Colorado. This species is unique in that it has a 30 to 1 ratio of the cannabidiol’s to the THC which is called hippies disappointment because of the low THC and the high cannabidiol’s there’s no intoxication or stoned or high related.

In the first week taking the hemp extract from the Stanley brothers she had no seizures and has gone on to leave her wheelchair and walk and talk again. She did not die from her seizures as the doctors expected and has gone on to live a normal life. Her parents said in 2013 that her epilepsy had improved so that she had only about four seizures per month, and she was able to engage in normal childhood activities.

Because of her the Stanley Brothers founded and named their company Charlotte’s Web. You will notice that the label on this specific cannabis derived oil DOES NOT say CBD oil because it is not Tom Brady in a bottle by himself…it is the WHOLE TEAM and has the ENTOURAGE or TEAM effect in play that was researched in Israel and proven now by thousands of others besides little Charlotte Figi. This is why we carry this formula only in our clinic and is the only one we recommend. Every day I get mail and emails from companies about using their CBD oils and I am not interested. I want the Whole Team.

Besides being effective with seizures this Hemp Extract is anti-inflammatory, analgesic for pain, anti anxiety, anti nausea, neurologic disorders, sleep etc. Sounds almost too good to be true yet in Israel the researched discovered we as humans have an ECS Endo-cannabinoid system in all the tissues and organs of our body. When these endocannabinoid receptors are satisfied and stimulated it causes a homeostasis or balancing effect. So if our pain threshold is set too low then the ECS receptors when satisfied cause the pain threshold to go back to normal settings. Same is said for our immune system and our hormonal system. The Hemp Extract with all of the cannabinoid team entourage effect causes Balance in our systems which is a Huge Win!

More and more doctors are feeling positive about the use of cannabis as a viable therapeutic option — Dr Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and professor of neurosurgery, probably being the most public of these. After hearing about Charlotte’s case, he very publicly made a 180 degree turn about his stance on medical marijuana stating:

“It doesn’t have a high potential for abuse, and there are very legitimate medical applications. In fact, sometimes Marijuana is the only thing that works… It is irresponsible not to provide the best care we can as a medical community, care that could involve Marijuana. We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in that.”

One of our patients who is now a missionary for the Charlotte’s Web complete Hemp Extract agreed to share her short story in this video…

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