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If you're looking for chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, health coaching, acupuncture, massage, FSM Microcurrent therapy, rehabilitative therapy or diagnostic testing then you're exactly where you need to be.

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Phone: (847) 367-7131
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We are your trusted healthcare specialist for...

•Chiropractic Care
•Nutritional Counseling
•Massage Therapy
FSM Microcurrent
•Gait Analysis & Orthotics
•Rehabilitative Therapies

Call us or message us here and we will contact you to see how we can assist in a healthier you.

Services We Offer


The foundation of our clinic is treating the cause of your symptoms, assisting with chronic pain & making a healthier you.


A traditional Chinese medicine practice originating thousands of years ago. Balances body’s energy, stimulate healing, and promote relaxation.


Focusing on muscular conditions and alleviating tension, restore flexibility, and increase comfort in the body.


A system of treatment using micro-amperage current & the resonance effect of frequencies  to reduce symptoms and improve health.

Nutritional Counseling

Everything you are is what you eat & take in. Make sure what you're taking is working & actually benefitting you.

Gait Analysis

Your feet are the foundation to health. Improper gait can effect each and every part of your body. 

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