Concussions Can & Must Be Treated

Concussion: There is a treatment to stop future brain function loss in your child by Dr Dana Q. Pletcher

Today I was reminded again of how devastating a concussion can be. One of our patients told me that her adult daughter Connie was hit in the head by a baseball bat while sitting in her hot tub.

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Kill kidneys nerves for BP…who needs them

I mean really…what was God thinking when he ran those nerves from our brain and spinal cord to our kidneys? Didn’t God think ahead and realize that his human creation was: 1. going to become sedentary and sit in front of a computer or TV for hours a day

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Injury Trauma FSM and 24 Miracle Window

When a 23 year old young man we will call MT came in the office with a fracture in his foot yesterday it reminded me of the best kept secret…with FSM Micro-current there is a 4 to 24 hour window of time in which we can stop the inflammatory flod from developing.

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