Wrist Injury and Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

Yesterday after coming back from a walk at lunch (trying to get some Vitamin D), I received a phone call from my 8 year old daughters school telling me that they had my daughter in the Nurse’s office after being pushed outside at recess.  Apparently she was pushed from behind and fell forward.

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CT scans Are like a Family Vacation to Fukushima

As Dr. Watkin prepares to go on vacation to Orlando, Florida with his lovely wife Coralee and his 2 beautiful girls in a couple of days I think…Would he or you take your family to Japan and visit the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant? Well getting an unnecessary CT scan is like a visit to Fukushima’s damaged nuclear reactor in Japan.

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A coffee a day keeps the Alzheimer’s Away

Recently I gave up coffee for 2 weeks just to prove to myself that I could! Since I have the personal opinions and belief that coffee has some inherent health benefits…I feel vindicated once again that my vice of enjoying coffee is proving even more to be part of my healthy choices.

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NASH Liver Disease & FSM microcurrent

If LeAnn had come to see me 10 years ago I would have had to let her go home and die within 4 months like the University of Chicago liver specialist told her she was destined to do. Thank God it was 10 years later and I was very familiar with the use of FSM Micro-current and the practice of functional medicine.

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