Fish Oil and healthier babies and moms and families

Amazing how research is done so piecemeal. One day you read how a vitamin or mineral or in this case fish oils are good for one condition and later read about for another yet neither study talks about the other benefits. This recent study from the Rollins School of Public Health shows it is beneficial for the baby if their mother took fish oil during the pregnancy. In this study they looked at DHA which is one half of the omega 3 partners EPA & DHA in fish oil. The data studied showed less colds and less severe symptoms in those babies whose mothers took fish oil.

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Compound leg fracture & recovery with FSM microcurrent

When 17 year old Cassie left with her youth group to help out those with damaged homes from this spring & summers rains and floods she did not expect to end up in the hospital. While working to clean up the flood and rain damages she was given a ride on a 4 wheel ATV driven by one of her fellow teenagers.

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Neuropathy & FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Last week Mike came into our clinic with numbness in both of his big toes. When I questioned him as to when it began he quickly replied July 2nd which was a month ago. With such a definite date of onset I then asked what was going on that day or the day before and he said, “ I was in the garage staining and varnishing doors.”

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