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Last week Mike came into our clinic with numbness in both of his big toes. When I questioned him as to when it began he quickly replied July 2nd which was a month ago. With such a definite date of onset I then asked what was going on that day or the day before and he said, “ I was in the garage staining and varnishing doors.”

With sudden onset and the fact it was in both toes I knew it had to be systemic in nature and was probably not a bulging herniated disc or pinched nerve as this is usually only on one side or the other. His x-rays of the low back did indicate decreased disc space at the L5 vertebra which could be a contributing factor. He also had a history of high cholesterol and bad reactions to the statin drugs like Lipitor and its siblings Crestor etc. with his experience of memory loss as one of the side effects. He was now taking a statin cholesterol drug again the past few months after a period off them. Not surprisingly the research has shown that statin drugs can cause neuropathy in some people and it usually begins in the lower legs/feet first before spreading to the upper extremities with arm/hand numbness weakness etc.
With all this information my hypothesis of how Mike’s toes came to be numb on July 2nd was formed. His exposure to the volatile organic toxins in the stain/varnishes he used that day caused a toxic neuropathy to which he was already predisposed to by the cholesterol statin drugs and the disc narrowing in his lower back.
The good news for Mike is that he came to see me and I am one of the doctors who has been trained in the use of FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy. Even after the initial 3 treatments Mike has noticed feeling coming back to his great toes. I have also recommended he take 100 mg of CoEnzyme Q10 daily to mitigate the side effects of the statin drug and also recommened that he call the Doctor who prescribed the drug and discuss discontinuing it with them to see if this helps also. In addition I suggested he take alpha lipoic acid 900 mg daily along with a nutrient complex HealthE-Clear Caps which assists the liver in detoxing bad stuff from our bodies.
So the moral to this story is that if you have neuropathy there is hope. The sooner it is treated the better yet even those who have had it for much longer than Mike can be helped even though it may take much longer to see the improvements in nerve function.

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