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If LeAnn had come to see me 10 years ago I would have had to let her go home and die within 4 months like the University of Chicago liver specialist told her she was destined to do. Thank God it was 10 years later and I was very familiar with the use of FSM Micro-current and the practice of functional medicine.

One other thank you goes to LeAnn’s financial planner who insisted she come and see me before writing out her will and getting her affairs in order as the liver specialist had declared her only options. She was in the final stage of NASH which is the acronym for Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis. This means LeAnn who was not a drinker had the same kind of fatty induced infiltration (steato) and inflammation (hepatitis) of her liver. This causes the liver to gradually decrease its function and lab tests indicate high liver enzymes (ALT, AST etc) which are the same ones that go high with  the viral hepatitis Hep A, B and C that we are more familiar with.

This condition is associated with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and weight gain which are all related to abnormal sugar handling by our bodies. LeAnn was overweight by 100 lbs and very fatigued and short of breath. She could only walk 3 or 4 steps without holding up the wall when I first met her. I first gave her hope which was taken away by the liver specialist who must have been on a first name basis with God since he knew there was nothing in this world that could help LeAnn and she was a goner.

We began by using FSM Frequency Specific Micro-current and applying the specific number for the liver. I tell my patients that every tissue in our body and every condition has its own cell phone number. That tissue will respond when we run that cell phone number/frequency thru the body. So in this case we ran the number 35 hz along with the number for inflammation which is 40 hz. We also ran the number for torn and broken and for scar tissue and the fatty tissue frequency. I also gave her a food plan to follow which is a modified version of the Mediterranean diet and has been shown to be a low or anti-inflammatory diet which the body needs when the liver is dying of inflammation and fat accumulation. I also had her begin the use of a medical food by Metagenics called UltraInflamX 360. This contains a unique set of chemical messengers found in nature called kinases which signal the body to decrease the fires of inflammation. In addition I had LeAnn take a specific nutrition supplement called lipoic acid which is effective in helping the liver heal and repair.

The bottom line is that a year later LeAnn was very much alive and not dead as proclaimed by the liver specialist. All of her liver tests were now normal with the bonus of 100 lbs of weight gone and she now had energy to walk and ride the exercise bike. Now at the age of 53 she was no longer a goner and dead but is very much vital and alive at this present moment. So if you or a loved one have been given no hope for your liver condition…think and hope again as I have been honored to be a witness to what some might call a miracle and I will say is the amazing healing ability we are born to live with.

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