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The WINTER has snuck up on us and whoops here it is! Hope you had he Best Holidays you could and we are Looking forward to helping you on your journey to a healthier you with an Amazing Seasonal WINTER Acupuncture treatment! Also Be Certain you and all of your family are taking 5000 Units of Vitamin D3 and 1000 mg Vitamin C and Zinc 30 mg daily. We have these available in the office along with  our Immune Support formula to increase your Immune Resilience! UPDATE...VIRACID is now back in stock. VIRACID is the most effective natural formula to take when and if you feel the signs of a Virus, Flu or Cold coming on! Keep a blister pack on hand at home.

The snow was falling steadily last Monday night as I was sitting in my 4 Runner waiting for the green arrow to light up for my left turn. The car in front of me was spinning its wheels searching for traction in the slush and I was just about to move forward when…KaBoom!

My mind began racing to process what just happened…an earthquake, well not likely in northern Illinois in the winter. In only a matter of seconds my mind grasped the fact that someone had just rammed into the backend of my Toyota with sginificant speed and force. Me the victim and the other vehicle a GMC Jimmy playing the perpetrator pulled over after clearing the intersection to assess damages. The 8.0 shake on the Wrector scale revealed a cave in on my rear hatch door and a dented in bumper. At first with the adrenaline rushing I didn’t feel anything wrong but in the next 10 minutes I was experiencing a headache and pain and tightness in my neck.
Fortunately I had brought a FSM Microcurrent unit home with me to treat my wife that night. So instead I was busy treating myself with the frequencies for trauma with the frequencies for muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves etc. I also ran the concussion protocol as my brain got a good sloshing around in my cranial cavity with that 8.0 Wrector shake.
Now I can identify with all of my patients over the past 35 years who have been involved in car accidents or falls resulting in whiplash. Good news is that I began treatment with FSM microcurrent in that 4 to 24 hour window following trauma or surgery.
Studies in Israel discovered that 11% of people involved in auto accident whiplashes go on to develop fibromyalgia in the next year or two. This is due to the stretching of the spinal cord with the rapid backward and forward whipping action of the head in an auto accident. Being able to treat with the FSM microcurrent seems to help the body heal the damage to the spinal cord and prevent future problems like fibromyalgia from developing.
Needless to say, I am following my own advice and after having Dr. Watkin take x-rays of my cervical spine and finding a 50% decrease in my range of motion…I am benefitting from the chiropractic spinal adjustments and the healing power of the Frequency Specific Microcurrent treatments.
My Toyota 4 Runner is being rebuilt and healed in the InterPro Auto Body shop and I am getting my personal body repaired and healed here at HealthQuest with Dr. Watkin.
If you are in an accident call and come in immediately for an evaluation and an initial FSM Microcurrent treatment for concussion and trauma. Your future will be much healthier…I know mine will be.
Dr Pletcher

Update…I have been following through with my chiropractic spinal adjustments and FSM Frequency Specific Microcurrent as I recommend to my patients who are involved in an auto accident. I fully expect to recover with no permanent effects or impairments with this course of care. I picked up my 4 Runner last week and it is as good as new. InterPro Autobody in Lake Bluff did an amazing job and I recommend them highly to you if you are in an auto accident just call and talk to JR or Andy. Also of course I recommend myself, Dr. Watkin or someone like us to treat your human body following an auto accident.

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