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When a 23 year old young man we will call MT came in the office with a fracture in his foot yesterday it reminded me of the best kept secret…with FSM Micro-current there is a 4 to 24 hour window of time in which we can stop the inflammatory flod from developing.

By stopping this inflammatory cascade which turns into a torrent and flood like is now occurring in Australia…we stop the pain, swelling and chronic inflammation/tissue damage which occurs after a strain/sprain, fracture or after a surgery or accident. Yes you read this correctly! It is like magic and yet it is real magic.

3 weeks ago a young 11 year old girl was brought in to see me after she had been to the emergency room and been diagnosed with a fracture of her right clavicle/collar bone. The x-ray films were the classic nasty variety of this break with clavicle broken in two pieces with the sternum or medial half slipped down and under the shoulder connected piece and overlapping each other. The orthopedic surgeon placed her in a sling and said leave it to its own devices for the next 6 to 8 weeks. I saw this girl 3 days after the trauma so the inflammation flood was already raging in full force with severe pain and swelling of her collar bone region. She couldn’t lay on either side or her stomach to rest or sleep. Her family was sandwiching her between 2 mountains of pillows. Well after the first FSM micro-current treatment her pain decreased dramatically from 9/10 on the VAS visual analog scale for pain to a 3/10 and the swelling of the rivers of inflammation receded by 50 %. We used the FSM protocols for the specific frequencies for trauma, inflammation, fracture targeted with the tissues involved which were bone, ligaments, muscles, connective tissue, cartilage, blood vessels etc. She was a very happier camper when I saw her for her second visit. We again treated for the specific frequencies for trauma/injury of all the tissues involved in this fracture. By the third visit she was able to lay down on her stomach and was pain free and this was after only 2 weeks. Normally with this clavicle fracture there would be a massive bump/callus formation as the 2 pieces of the collarbone try to find one another and knit back together. In her case with the swelling gone down I observed that this callus formation was less than half the size it would have normally been. It is my opinion that this decrease in the callus/bump was due to the application of the FSM micro-current and will prevent a disfiguring bump in this young ladies collar bone which normally occurs and lasts for many years to forever.
I am certain that the young man MT who started this story yesterday will have a much speedier outcome with his foot fracture with decreased pain/swelling and a faster healing time. In fact I forgot to mention that MT was referred in by one of my other patients whose daughter had a arm fracture and also referred by one of the best foot/ankle surgeons in Northern Illinois. This surgeon in fact told one of our mutual patients that if he (the surgeon) ever needed surgery he was going to see Dr. Pletcher for FSM afterwards.

The point of writing about these patients is to reveal the best kept secret. Whenever you or a loved one or friend experience an injury to any part of the body seek out a health care provided who is trained in FSM for treatment ASAP and remember the 4 to 24 hour window. Can FSM help if it is days or weeks past the injury? Certainly it can and will but will take longer and will seem like it is still a miracle but perhaps not magical. Oh yes, every surgery we have is an injury and trauma to our bodies so I recommend that every one of my patients who is having surgery see me for FSM micro-current treatment for recovery and the best surgical outcome. This also helps to make the surgeon look better and build their reputation.

Dr Dana Q Pletcher

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