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Up til now I thought I only had to worry about my asthma patients exercising and inducing an asthma attack! Facebook induced asthma is the newest diagnosis even though there is not yet a CPT diagnostic code for it.

Now I am going to need to rethink this concept and start screening all my patients for Facebook accounts. If you have a Facebook account and a history of asthma I may have to recommend that you be unfriended or defriended or ex-friended by anyone you have had any emotional attachment to. This is based on a recent case with a gentleman who experienced asthma attacks every time he logged into his Facebook account and was reminded that his ex-girlfriend had de-friended him and replaced him by adding a number of young men to her  Facebook account.

For exercise induced asthma I have found that taking 1000 mg of  buffered Vitamin C prevents the asthma from attacking. So I am going to recommend that all of my patients with asthma and a Facebook account take 1000 mg of this buffered Vitamin C before logging into their account. Also as a chiropractor I have ample experience and evidence that specific spinal adjustments to the vertebra in the mid back help to prevent and relieve asthma attacks…so in addition to the Vitamin C you could see your chiropractor if you have emotional issues on Facebook.

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